Gather | Brunch & Business


Last June, we gathered at Local Creative’s #LocalLoft on a Saturday morning to eat brunch and chat business with eleven talented, creative, and successful women. Over quiche, bagels, and a cherry cake situation that was simply out of this world (thanks to Sarah from Salt House Market) we discussed everything from creative ruts to Instagram envy. It was so refreshing to hear these women get real with us about what it takes to pursue what you love. And we’re so excited to finally be sharing this video with you.

Get yourself a cup of tea and cozy spot, and get ready for some straight-up magic…. 


TANWI NANDINI ISLAM of Wildflower Botanica

MARTA FREEDMAN of @H0tgirlseatingpizza & Trixxie

Artist MAE KAUFMAN of @maeelvis


KATIE DEEDY of Grow House Grow


KATYA SLEPAK of Mālayā Organics

RAWAN RIHANI of Aurora Botanica

JENNA & NICOLE of Local Creative

What’s Your Most Creative Time of Day? | Tanwi Nandini Islam


The first thing that struck us about Tanwi Nandini Muslim was her grace. She’s articulate, thoughtful and incredibly kind. In addition to being a spectacular human, she’s also the critically acclaimed author of Bright Lines, and the founder of HI Wildflower Botanica, a botanical perfume, small-batch skincare and hand-poured soy candle line based in Brooklyn. 

What’s Your Most Creative Time of Day? | Sarah Ashley Schiear


Sarah is a bad ass. She is the founder of Salt House Market, an incredible company catering to the creative, modern, and refined woman. Visit her company’s site and you will find everything from her gorgeous line of luxe, fashion–forward aprons to her start-to-finish Dinner Party Guides — it’s pure domestic gold. She was an awesome addition to our Gather Brunch and today, we are sharing her most creative time with you! @SaltHouseMKT

What’s Your Most Creative Time of Day? | Rawan Rihani


Oh man do we love Rawan Rihani. She is a florist, artist, designer and the founder of Aurora BotanicaRawan creates dreamy flower crowns, arrangements, and hanging garlands and has worked with the likes of Stone Fox Bride, Urban Outfitters and Sycamore Flower Shop. Rawan designs weddings and parties, and also repurposes flowers to create natural dyes for textiles and more. She also teaches awesome floral and dying workshops

She was an amazing addition to our soon to be released Gather episode & we really can not get enough of her. You can check out her #LessonImAlwaysLearning here!

Creative Timing


This Summer, before we sat down for our Gather with eleven incredible makers, artists and girl bosses (coming soon, we promise), we asked each of them to share their most creative time of day with us. We chose this question because we’re fascinated (and occasionally frustrated) by the human relationship to creativity. 

For the next 2 weeks leading up to the release of our Gather episode, we’ll be sharing their answers on the blog. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know each one of the beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women who sat at our table. And hopefully, it’ll move you to consider the question for yourself… 

Today, we’re kicking things off with our personal answers and the answers of Jenna and Nicole, the founders of Local Creative and our partners in crime for this event. The whole episode was filmed at their #localloft, a space they took over during the Summer and turned into a dreamy location for work, events, parties and get-togethers.

Please let us know what your most creative time of day is! We will be sharing your responses on our instagram.