Inspired by Phoebe at The WW Club, I started making a monthly mood board. It’s a bit ritualistic, a bit creative, and a bit goal oriented. You know, just enough of everything but not too much of anything so that it’s still a fun, easy, post-work activity.

Sometime during the first week of the month, usually a Tuesday night or some such mundane day, I grab a nice glass of wine and some cheese (or just tea and cookies) and spend a few guilt-free hours perusing Pinterest. I wander down a creative rabbit hole (you know, the kind you usually only find yourself going down when there’s a pile of work in front of you that feels urgent and impossible) and let one image inform the next, eventually deciding on a few standout styles/colors/interiors/haircuts/shoes that I’d happily stare at for the next 30 days. I try not to take the project too seriously or get hung up on the details. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There will be a new mood for next month. It’s just a creative ritual, one that doesn’t feel overwhelming or weighed down by goals and ambition. It’s like a coloring book or knitting — the joy is in the doing, the product is just a perk. 

Up top is September’s mood board. Time and tea feel like a big part of this month: back to school, back to traditions, back to cooler temps. And with NYC painted in rakish, bare-faced models how could I not include a little fashion (fur-lined Gucci loafers anyone?). Mostly, seeing these images every time I open my computer reminds me just how many places I can find inspiration…and just how much cool stuff there is right at my fingertips. Yay for the internet and all that.


P.S. Get in a MOOD with me — I’m uploading my boards to Pinterest. Becuase, why the heck not?

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