Write It out

 Image via  People I've Loved

Image via People I’ve Loved

Lately, I’ve been having Feelings with a capital F and Emotions with a capital E. Mostly, this is due to hormones. But, there’s also some work stuff that’s been really challenging me. Let’s just say, the two are a potent mix.

I’ve been trying real hard to handle this week like an Adult, capital A. Trying being the operative word I guess. For me, trying means yoga, eating well, acknowledging that my responses to things aren’t always super rational, laying low, and being kind to myself. And writing. Writing is my answer to everything when it comes to feeling the feelings. If you’re sad, write it out. If you’re mad, write it out. If you’re lost, write it out. If you’re confused, write it out. If you’re bored (you guessed it), write it out. 

So, I’m working hard to find the time (and the energy) to write it out and today, I recommend you do the same. A lot has been happening lately (in the news, in the stars, with the seasons). Whatever you’re holding in your heart, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some Joni Mitchell, and write it out. 

And in case you feel like you’ve got a best-seller in you…Rules to write by from the lovely Caroline of Hello I’m Flawed.




On Empowered Birth Choices


Last year, almost to the day, we sat down with midwife, Cara Muhlhahn, to chat about women, life, midwifery, and babies (see the episode here). There was so much juicy stuff in our interview that we couldn’t include everything in the episode. But today, we’re sharing a short video that speaks directly to birth, home birth, and the cultural fear around the birthing process. To us, what Cara has to say when it comes to pregnancy and birthing is more than just wisdom for soon-to-be-mothers. It’s wisdom for women everywhere. Check out the video below…

We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the video, and if a home birth is something you would ever consider or wish you had the chance to do. If you’re interested to know more about Christina’s experience, you can read a post about it here

You Can Have It All, But Not All At Once


During Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama at the Next Generation of Women Summit, she said something that struck a cord instantly. She was talking about being a Mother and having large ambitions. She said:

Women need to know that you can have it all…Just not all at once.


I am sure that it has been said before. It might have even been said directly to me. But for whatever reason, as I was walking Oliver around our neighborhood for his afternoon nap, listening to the interview, headphones in, something clicked.

The truth is, I have been growing a lot lately. Learning about being vulnerable. Asking for support and tuning in to what is working and what isn’t. 

I have a lot of big dreams and visions for what I want to create in my life. Sometimes the sense of responsibility I feel for them is so huge that I don’t stop and think about how it feels to be pursuing them. I don’t trust in the perfect timing. I don’t have the patience to let things unfold. I struggle to want it all RIGHT NOW. And since it’s not all, just some, I feel like I am failing at everything.

But Michelle, man. It feels like a new level of clarity is emerging and I am pretty excited about it.

A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Censational Girl

Image via Censational Girl

This is what a feminist looks like

That time Anna Wintour did stand up

A message for street harassers.

When no one’s watching.

All hail Emilia Clarke

“Girrrrrrl, you look amazing regardless of whether or not you’re even wearing a hat.” Lessons from Go Dog Go.

Why you shouldn’t date a guy who says he writes for Broad City. 

Welp, this hashtag sucks.

Congratulations to Dr JJ Pursell for her spot in The New York Times

Barbara Streisand.

And finally, read aloud for all to hear

A beautiful podcast. (Seriously we’ve been binging on this all week.)

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

Artistic Collaboration & Beyoncé


Creativity is hard, or it can be hard. But it also is the easiest thing. Let’s just say, it’s complicated. And when I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Favin at one of Paula Mallis‘s amazing events here in Venice, we got to talking about just that. 

I loved Michelle’s art, bought a print, and couldn’t get the idea that we were meant to collaborate on something just for creativity’s sake out of my mind. 

Flash forward a few months, (Instagram kept us connected – yay technology) and I invited her over for tea. We decided to collaborate on a piece, mixing her free-form-flowing with my detail-dot-dotting, passing the work back and forth between our studios until it’s finished. Neither Michelle or I have ever done anything like this before, but we will will be documenting the whole process on the blog!

Also, the piece’s concept is completely inspired by Beyonce’s Lemonade. #beyhive



With Christina & her husband Chris approaching their four year wedding anniversary, and Chelsey and Michael celebrating their seventh year together, we’re sharing some details about our relationships. We don’t speak about our significant others nearly as much as we talk about our relationship with each other, our creativity, or our mothers. But the truth is, our partners are the wind beneath our wings (to coin a phrase). They are the editors for our blog, the photographers behind our Instagrams, and the sounding board for our dreams and aspiration.

…So… LOVE.



Last weekend my husband and I stayed up until 3:00am having BIG, intense feelings like we did when we were in college. The only difference is now we have a 2 year old that gets up way earlier than our first class required of us. Something we both love is that the instant Oliver wakes up he is at a 10, and couldn’t be more excited to start the day. He immediately begins to enumerate ALL of his favorite things. So it started… pointing out his feet and the wall and the window and “doggies” and “balls” and “running FAST” in his loudest voice. Pointing at me, “Mommy.” Pointing at Chris, “Daddy.” Patting himself on the chest, “Big Boy.” And we just laughed. Because the truth is everything is different. Our marriage and partnership has been completely transformed by parenthood. And we are learning, more and more, how it is basically the best thing ever.


Last month, Michael graduated from the NYU Tisch Graduate School of Acting. It was a big deal. It’s been three long years of late nights, Saturday rehearsals, homework, exhaustion, stress, and hard work. This program is not for the faint of heart. And it turns out, it’s not for people whose partners are faint of heart either. 

We’ve discovered a lot over these last three years; Michael learned valuable lessons about himself, his work, his art, and his future. And me? Well, I got to spend some time figuring out what I really wanted. This resulted in changing careers, co-founding a business, travelling on my own, and gaining some much needed independence. It was hard, uncomfortable, and even lonely. But it was time and space that I seriously needed.

Our relationship changed a lot over the last three years too. We embraced a partnership that was more complex (read: balanced lots of different needs and some seriously conflicting schedules) and more fulfilling (when said balance was achieved). We faced challenges, learned about our weaknesses and our strengths, and found new ways to communicate with each other when time was in short supply and feelings were overflowing. We are by no means masters (except for Michael who does have is a Masters of Fine Arts now ), but we are stronger, steadier partners. The hard stuff is sort of magical that way. If you let it, it will always make you stronger. For now though, we’re enjoying the easy stuff: vacation, days that end at 6pminstead of midnight, and the great pleasure of not starting school in September

Happy Monday!  


6 things

 Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

And suddenly it’s Summer. Not officially. But let’s be real, it’s in the air. We pulled out the fan, I’ve started wearing my cut off shorts, and sandals are in full rotation. Since Spring wasn’t really a thing this year, the arrival of summer is a surprise and a gosh darn relief. As I did last year, I’m sharing a few summer goals/wishes/plans. Because, well, it’s 80 degrees and that’s reason enough!

Books + Sun. I really, really want to perfect the art of laying in the sun with a good book this summer. Simple, but perfect. This book is on my reading list next. 

Horseback riding. This was on last year’s list, but I didn’t manage to get it done. Second time’s a charm.

Barton Springs. We’re in Austin this week and this spot is an old favorite. I can’t wait to dive in. 

Picnics. In the park, at the beach, on my stoop. No more dining inside for me! 

Pickling. Because, we’re signed up for a CSA again and it’s a good solution for all those fresh veggies and busy weekends. Plus, picnics.

Aperol Spritz. This summer, this refreshing, Italian cocktail will be my drink of choice. 

Happy unofficial summer!


A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Milk White Moon

Image via Milk White Moon

Saturday is here and we’re feeling pretty good about it! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend of sun, fun and rosé. First, a few inspiring and engaging reads:

Apartment goals

Is your AC sexist?


US Women’s Soccer Team gets equal pay. Finally.

Maya Angelou doesn’t believe in modesty. 

3 women go for a glass of wine. Stop date rape. Win at life.

#TryBeatingMeLightly – women in Pakistan take a stand.

Sundays with Emma.

The Sound and the Fury (of marriage). 

Kristen Bell continues the conversation on depression and anxiety.

A beautiful talk.

A beautiful event.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!