Three Things


For us, ‘what matters’ falls into three categories: family and friends, work, and personal peace. That pretty much covers it as far as we’re concerned. These three factors are in a constant ebb and flow. Sometime’s we’re killing it at work, but missing time with our family. More often than not, ‘personal peace’ falls by the wayside in favor of relationships and work. Below, are a few ways we’re finding balance this week. We hope you find some too.


I’m looking forward to taking some time to center myself. A few quiet mornings, a good book, some sunshine. That’s really what I’m looking for. Packed in my vacation bag is the first in the series from Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels. I am so ready to get lost in the small town drama of two best friends growing up in the Italian countryside.

I often struggle when it comes to shopping: What to buy? When to buy? Do I need it? Can I really justify it? This spring, I allowed myself to indulge in a pair of Marais USA’s Classic Mules in Blue Suede. I am so excited to slip my feet into these beauties and let them elevate any and every outfit. They are bringing me untold joy. And isn’t that the point of fashion after all?

I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last week. Spending my nights tucked up in bed binge-watching Netflix and blowing my nose has me feeling all kinds of disconnected from my creativity. I’ll be working on that this weekend by revisitingthis podcast from Elizabeth Gilbert. That girl knows a thing or two about connecting to your art.


A few months ago, Oliver started hitting other kids… a lot. I was at a total loss of what to do. I knew that telling him “no, we don’t hit” was missing the mark. This almost-two-year-old was clearly experiencing some very large feelings and telling him not to express them without offering an alternative was not useful at all. I am his touchstone and his protecter. But, I was falling short. Thankfully, I came across the RIE philosophy. Specifically Janet Lansbury’s website and podcast. It has helped me to honor and navigate this time in Oliver’s life and teach him in the process. HUGE game changer.

I am undergoing a true growth spurt when it comes to my career aspirations. Since having Oliver, I have struggled to connect with the joy and inspirations behind what I do. But now, thanks to Oliver, I am being forced to find ways to be more strategic and disciplined with the time that I have to devote to my work. This podcast episode, led me to this book, who’s advice helped me find this (it was all very serendipitous) and I have been soaking up wisdom while working on my art commissions ever since. 

I’ll be honest, all this growth makes me very anxious. So, this has been in my pocket all day everyday. And it works. It really, really works. 

Have a beautiful short week !


A Beautiful (long) Weekend

 Image via  Zach Milne

Image via Zach Milne

Absolutely fabulous news!

When you realize that Claire Underwood is boss

Amanda Peet and the botox rubicon.

Nora, Nora, Nora. 

Our GIRL, Haley Boyd, in VOGUE. For reals! 

An act of pride

Jessica Alba winning at life

‘Shallow, Selfish, and Self-Absorbed.’

The new Bee hive?

A beautiful company.

A beautiful account.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! 

Business Inspiration Podcast Love

 Me listening to  Amy Porterfield  while finishing up a  Brooklyn Baby Bump

Me listening to Amy Porterfield while finishing up a Brooklyn Baby Bump

I am in the mist of a professional growth spurt. I say this because all I have been doing is pouring over Amy Porterfields amazing podcasts. And my goodness there are so many! I really wish I was better at taking notes.

Special shout out to  this one and this one.

The worst part about this learning is that I want to share every single aha moment with Chelsey. Honestly, wish her luck.

The best part is that I feel reconnected to the “why’s” of my ambitions. Sometimes to my disadvantage, everything has to be done for the right reasons with the right intention, with the loftier purpose always in mind.  If it isn’t I kind of sulk about like a sad cat. But I’m realizing, in part thanks to these podcasts and in part thanks to all the retrogrades, that this is actually a gift, and there are ways for me to stay alined with my motivating ideals more constantly.

So all and all this is a very excellent, well timed, podcast gift.

CHECK AMY OUT! & Happy Tuesday 🙂 



A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Julia Noni

Image via Julia Noni

Cheers to a weekend that begins with inspiring reads and ideas!

Oprah says RELAX

If you have a summer wedding to go to, read this.

Did you see last week’s Game of Thrones episode? One for the ladies

Just a couple from Chicago.

Grace & Frankie.

The ‘wellness‘ myth.

Moving to Maryland?

ManRepeller talks travelling solo. And if you’re into it, check out that time Chelsey traveled to Paris by herself here

A beautiful podcast. (Featuring the magical Molly Guy). 

A beautiful magazine.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

A beautiful weekend

 Image via @glossier

Image via @glossier

Working mothers IRL

Yes way rosé!

This Parsons student is our hero. 

Connecticut housekeeper moonlights as Mt. Everest climber. Achieves awesomeness. 

The women fighting ISIS are bad ass. 


Leaning into single motherhood

The Artist’s Way 2.0

Kristen Bell feels it all. And it is beautiful.

A plan to cover childcare? Yes please. 

Amy Schumer for President.  

A beautiful event (this weekend!).

A beautiful app.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!



…we might have known sooner that the most reliable predictor of whether a country is violent within itself – or will use military violence against another country – is not poverty, natural resources, religion, or even degree of democracy; it’s violence against females. It normalizes all other violence.” — Gloria Steinem

Yesterday, Viceland, launched a series with Gloria Steinam called, WOMAN. It’s an eye-opening, heartbreaking documentary/news series that tells the story of women around the world. Particularly how their abuse, disenfranchisement, and oppression limits the growth, stability, and success of communities and countries. 

This show is not for the faint of heart. It is powerful and sometimes painful. But it is important to witness the the truth. And here, in personal stories of everyday women, Gloria is showing us the truth and bringing the talking circles of the 60’s and 70’s straight to our computer screens.

Watch, learn, and then let’s create some change.


Mother’s Day, Motherhood


“There are three positions people should feel a calling for: religious leadership, teaching, and childrearing. They’re such influential roles; no one should take those positions lightly.” 

Mothers day was this past weekend, which got  both of us thinking about Motherhood. A relevant topic for the both of us. Not just because one of us is a mother, not just because both of us are women, but because we are human; and each and every human has a mother. (Isn’t it magical when you think about those things that all humans have in common regardless of race, religion, gender, or politics?)

You might have a wonderful mother, or a terrible mother, or an absent mother, or a mother who is no longer on this earth. You might never have met your mother, or she might have made you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch. Your experience of your mother is completely unique, but motherhood is universal.

As we teeter towards thirty, we begin to hear that little nagging chant that the whole world seems to be in on, “tick-tock, time to have a(nother) baby.” Motherhood is many things, but one thing it is not, is the right choice for everyone. Obviously, there’s some serious Darwin-style thinking embedded in our brains that says, “must have baby”. But, perhaps that primitive thought needs to be looked at the same way we now look at the part of our brain that has us hardwired to love sugar. Very important at the beginning of time, not so much in this day and age.

Perhaps the general expectation that it is every woman’s responsibility to become a mother (unless they’re infertile or ‘selfish’), is what leads to the overall lack of respect our society has for mothers as a whole. Yes, we dedicate a day to them, but we also trivialize and demean them by pitting them against each other in ‘mommy wars’, judging their ‘post-baby bods’, and scrutinizing their parenting choices. We depict mothers as desperate to ‘have it all’; perpetually-overwhelmed women with a pacifier in one hand, a bottle in the other, a baby strapped to their chest and nary enough time to zip up their ‘mom jeans’ before failing to meet a deadline or attend a recital. Exhausting.

Here’s the deal: motherhood is this beautiful, epic, powerful thing, but so is fatherhood. Parenthood is an off-the-charts experience that needs a little less judgement and a lot more TLC. One day a year is simply not enough. Not for mothers. Not for fathers. Not for children. Not for us.

We’d like a shift in the paradigm. We’d like for the understanding to be that a woman who chooses not to have babies is just as goddamn magnificent as a woman who chooses to have fifty babies. We’d like for the ‘you can/can’t have it all’ rhetoric to come to an end. We’d like to stop generalizing and start recognizing that each parent will have his/her own unique experience. We’d like to join the rest of the world in offering maternity and paternity leave so parents can establish equality early on and so a family can bond instead of just mother and child. We’d like everyone to chill the heck out about breastfeeding and let ladies do their thang. To us, that would be a whole lot more valuable than a bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed once a year.



A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  @joleeloren

Image via @joleeloren

The struggle is real. Or is it?

The ladies bathroom at The Met Ball was the place to be. 

Mom goes out to dinner. World implodes. 

Terry Gross on not having kids

When Congress is your gynecologist. 

The Beach Girl behind The Beach Boys.

Zero, that’s right, zero, female directors on Fox films through 2018. 

The #wheniwas movement that is empowering sexual assault victims. 

Lemonade. Lemonade. Lemonade. More Lemonade. 🍋

A beautiful account

A beautiful designer.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!