I also went to Sadelle's for a perfect bagel and cream cheese with lox! 

I also went to Sadelle’s for a perfect bagel and cream cheese with lox! 

Last weekend, Michael was out of town. (Now, we’re both out of town, working in LA.) But last weekend, he left NY early Saturday morning and I had the weekend to myself. Most often, when Michael’s out of town, I use it as an excuse to get in some extra special friend time. Sleepovers, girls weekends, dinner parties, spa days and such. But last weekend, everyone was busy and I ended up having most of the weekend all to myself. 

It was magnificent.

I don’t know why I love to be alone so much. Well, actually I learned a lot about why I love it when I travelled to Paris on my own last Summer. I guess what I don’t know is why I forget how much I love to be alone. I revel in a day to myself. A whole weekend is even better! On Saturday, I woke up early and headed to my favorite yoga class in Chinatown. This choice isn’t usually very ‘weekend conducive’ one since it means I don’t get home till 12 or 12:30 and I usually have someone to meet or something to do before then. But not this Saturday. I went to yoga and then, inspired by my lack of plans and the mild weather, I decided I had plenty of time to walk home. So, sans headphones or phone calls to keep me busy, I strolled the 2.9 miles home, picking up a lovely juice on the way.

I then spent the day shopping in SoHo, something I rarely let myself indulge in/can withstand. But I was on the hunt for vintage jeans and potentially a new summer jumpsuit, and I love to shop alone so I figured why the hell not? I did come away with some extra magical 501’s thanks to the girls at The Vintage Twin who make vintage denim shopping the easiest it’s ever been. At 6 o’clock my shopping stamina began to wane so I decided to take myself to dinner. I strolled to the East Village and found myself a stool at the bar of Prune, my very favorite restaurant in New York. I ordered an Aperol Spritz, the Parmesan Omelet and the Fried Artichokes, read my New Yorker and watched spring in New York City. 

Eating alone in New York is not something I do. Not eating well at least. Like every other office worker, I’m inclined to munch on a Pret a Manger lunch alone outside on a summer’s day. And occasionally (read weekly) I’ll indulge in a cake and coffee on my own with a good book. But, I have never gone out to dinner on my own. Up until last weekend, dinner in New York was reserved for friends, family, coworkers, and date nights. Turns out, I’ve been missing out on something pretty damn delightful. 

Exhausted after a long day walking around Manhattan, I decided the perfect end to my solo date would be a movie and an early night. I picked up some candies and chocolate covered raisins on the way home, rented Joy from iTunes, and was asleep by 11pm.

This is all to say, that for some of us, at least for me, being alone is a most valuable necessity. It reconnects me to myself. The upshot of this being that I am more open to others. It’s also very good for me to be ‘balance free’. To not be trying to empathize and consider others and balance their needs with my own. But to just do what I want and enjoy that. After this weekend, solo dates are becoming a monthly tradition for me. I’ll update you on the next one!





We’re going to talk astrology


We are going to talk astrology. If you do not believe in Astrology, it might help to think of it as a metaphor that helps to make tangible the different phases, patterns and themes that make up our varied experience of life.

A lot of you have probably heard the term, “Mercury was in retrograde”, when lamenting that computers suddenly stop working or travel plans get delayed or communication just wasn’t flowing. In the astrology world, planets in retrograde have the reputation of causing havoc. And guess what guys, as of Wednesday we have 5 freaking planets in retrograde. (You can read more about each exactly what that means for you here & here.)

This is pretty remarkable and it is causing a lot of people to stress out about what it means. So, we are here shed some light on how to best harness this retrograde energy. And by harness, we mean surrender, because isn’t that always the name of the game…

Things go wrong during retrograde because everything about the energy is asking us to revise, slow down, and make sure our plans/dreams are in accordance with who we are and where we want to be going. When we try to fight this, or push our agenda, or rush forward on things we we want, the universe lovingly f’s it up.

This retrograde will have a strong influence over our lives until the end of June, and we won’t be free and clear of this re-write, re-visit- re-vise energy until the end of September. In some ways, this is really exciting. You are off the hook in terms of moving things forward. You don’t have to go,go,go. All you have to do is get clear on the things that are important in your life right now. Ground yourself in the present. Make a connection to the thing in your life that you are pushing and instead of pushing it (because seriously, the universe will ruin all of your plans), give it some love, give it a break, and give yourself the time to restore and refresh. Pay attention to what feels off for you and take steps to make it right.

For the next few months, we’ll be taking our own advice and reconnecting with and expanding on our mission, devoting our love and time the new GGG developments before moving forward. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing!

Happy Retrograding & good luck 🙂

A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  @reformation

Image via @reformation

Do you ever go to the movies by yourself? It’s Chelsey’s favorite thing. And now, there’s a science to it. 

Not a diva. Just a person responding to a poorly handled situation. 


13 of the world’s most influential women.

Pretty pleased we get to be witness to this moment in comedy

Elizabeth Warren. Hero and hilarious. 


What happens when you give out free birth control?

Cotton. Or not. 

💯 about the 100.

Midwives for the win! 

A beautiful company.

A beautiful interview.

A beautiful woman


Cool Like Prince


“Cool means being able to hang with yourself. All you have to ask yourself is ‘Is there anybody I’m afraid of? Is there anybody who if I walked into a room and saw, I’d get nervous?’ If not, then you’re cool.”   -Prince

I read somewhere that when you die everything that you are, the entirety of your being becomes accessible to everyone. All of humanity. Like you become stardust that gets sprinkled on to everything. I am feeling like this is true. Like the magic of people that I love that have passed are so close. So present.

And this quote. Fuck yes to this quote. It might have just changed my life forever. I am going to be cool like Prince.


 Image via  Pinterest .

Image via Pinterest .

The weekend is here! The sun is out! Go outside and soak it up! But first, read these cool things:

MTV Movie Award history.

Meet the ‘rocket girls‘.

A few thoughts on parenthood.

And on that noter, Anne-Marie Slaughter talks gender roles, feminism, and equal responsibility between moms and dads. 

Never not working.

The person you’re meant to be. 

A look inside the ladies room

A beautiful company.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Lady Docs to Love


It’s all April showers and grey skies here in NYC and I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. As you may know by now, when I’m feeling this way I have a few tried and tested cures: a good book, a little adventure, inspiring blogs, and excellent films

Last year, I shared a few of my favorite female-focused docs. And today, I’m sharing a few more because, well, they keep finding incredible women to make movies about and that makes me damn happy. 

What Happened, Miss Simone?

A complicated and rich life. This film is up next on my watch list. It has been recommended to me so many times. 

Everything Is Copy – Nor Ephron: Spripted & Unscripted. 

I love Nora Ephron. This documentary will make you laugh, make you re-watch When Harry Met Sally, make you re-read Crazy Salad, and also make you cry. It is the best cure for a rainy day. 

Gloria: In Her Own Words

I’m currently reading My Life On The Road by Gloria Steinem and this doc was an excellent introduction to the woman, the activist, and the writer. 

Also, I’m dying to catch All This Panic whilst it’s still in theaters here in NYC and The First Monday In May, which comes out this weekend! 


Spring Wishing Wanting & Doing


 Despite what the weather in New York would have you believe, spring is in full swing. The trees are blossoming, the streets are lined with a rainbow of tulips, and the pollen count is rising. While we patiently wait for Mother Nature to warm up the east coast, we decided to let ourselves take part in a little  spring dreaming. Well, LA is beautiful all the time, but Christina took to the task quite well. Here’s to picnics in the park, iced coffees, lazy brunched outside, and all of the other magical things that are headed our way (fingers crossed!).


Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pants: After seeing these on Erin’s blog, I’m obsessed with this collection. These pants are the perfect spring/summer essential. Easy, breezy, and Annie Hall approved.

Pure Body Naturals Vitamin C Serum: Because, my skin needs a little love after a long, indulgent winter.

Jude Jumpsuit: One piece wonder!

Sky Ting Yoga: A 10-Pac to the best damn class in town so I can find some spring-time zen.

Doen Market Carry All: Michael gave me this before I went to Mexico and it is the perfect summer bag. Plus, it folds into a little basket for easy packing.

Generation G in Like: To perk up my pale skin until the sun comes this way. 


This Jumpsuit that I am on the wait list for, so send me some good luck vibes!!

I’m heading to New York in a few weeks and this Exhibition is on the very top of my list. TEA? I’m in.

For the fire pit partying, wine drinking, smores making, or cuddling and drinking tea, nights of our dreams…

This Face Oil by this Amazing Lady.


Lastly, looking to get another set of These, which we are in love with, because Oliver sleeps in our bed and I have come to the conclusion that you can never have TOO many beautiful, well made, clean sheet sets in waiting. 🙂

Whats’s on your spring wish list?


There are some vey exciting prospects on the horizon for us at GGG. Inspired by the desire to grow bigger and do better, we have created a survey (linked here & below) that we would love for you to complete.

And, it goes without saying but we will say it anyway: everything is anonymous and we will only ever use the information you provide for private GGG purposes.

Thank you in advance for your time, love, and honesty. You are all wonderful! THIS IS THE LINK FOR THE SURVEY! CLICK ME PLEASE!


Mexico Magic


Last week, I hopped on a plane for a few short but beautiful days in Mexico. Once again, I was visiting my dear, dear god-sister in Mexico City. But this time around, we ventured out into the countryside for a weekend in ‘the real Mexico’,

We visited the small town of Tepoztlan, a couple hours drive south of Mexico City. The entire town sits in the cradle of towering mountains. The cobblestoned streets are lined with brightly-colored houses, vigilantly guarded by scrappy dogs. Every which way you turn, you’re greeted with the power and beauty of nature. It is strangely relaxing to be so consistently reminded of your size in the grand scale of things. 

The first morning, we hiked up the Tepozteco Mountain to see El Tepoztecoa, a small temple dedicated to the Aztec god Tepoztecatl. The hike isn’t too long (about 45 minutes) and just strenuous enough to make the view (see above) feel really worth it. 

Later in the afternoon, we took a stroll through the market place. The markets here are everything you could ever want them to be. Brimming and bustling. A hive of activity. Young girls lined up in a row, kneading out dough for their tortillas. Weathered women butchering chickens with a chef’s familiarity. Old ladies seated on crates shelling beans and selling cactus. Young children racing through narrow aisles ferrying fruits and vegetables between market stalls. It was loud and hot and filled with the smell of sautéing mushrooms and zucchini flowers. 

Mostly, I spent the weekend drinking Mezcal, strolling through flower-lined streets, and eating handmade tortillas. It felt so good to truly be on vacation. I travel a lot and a lot of the travel I do is in big cities. I love visiting them; soaking up the culture, enjoying the incredible food, walking the streets for hours on end. But sometimes, these trips can leave me exhausted and ready for a vacation from my vacation! It was so delicious to take a weekend and move slow, enjoying the beauty around me and the people I love. 

Here’s to more magic in Mexico!


P.S. A few suggestions in case you ever visit:

Lunch here. The most amazing view + authentic Mexican food.

Visit the markets and bring plenty of cash – there’s great food and incredible ingredients but there’s also an entire market dedicated to clothes, crystals, hammocks, hand-weaved baskets, and more. If only my suitcase had been bigger!

Hike Tepozteco Mountain early in the morning before it gets too hot. The temple site doesn’t open until 9:00am but it will take a good 45 minutes to get up there. 8:30am is a good start time. 

Get spiritual. Tepoztlan is a bit of a spiritual hotspot and there’s some seriously healing energy believed to be present. Indulge in a little healing whether it’s going for a massage, picking up a new crystal, or getting your tarot read. 


On Sleep, Parenting and New Rhythms


Between family visiting us in LA, traveling to Boulder for Easter weekend,  and just who-the-hell-knows-what-else — new teeth? moon phases? developmental milestones? — Oliver has had no semblance of a sleep schedule at all for the past two weeks. This has meant an overtired, wound-up toddler and basically no sleep or downtime for my husband and I. This has been something just short of a nightmare for me, triggering my control issues, all sorts of self doubt about all of my parenting choices, and a deep deep frustration. None of which has been directed at Oliver. I grew up in a very lovey, albeit very yelly household, and I committed early on to never yelling at Oliver. (He’s almost 2, check back in with me when he is a teenager). But, as a result, this frustration has been directed elsewhere, mainly appliances and my Husband.

So I started googling and I stumbled across an article…  

 full article  here

full article here

This snapped me back into my parenting alignment. So last night, that’s just what we did. We read. And Chris sang (he has the most beautiful voice) and we both listened attentively as Oliver told us lots of stories about “kicking the ball” and “doggies” and Oliver was so happy; I mean he was beaming. And so were we. It was one of those perfect family moments.

I feel the lesson I keep learning is always the same; It’s about quieting down and enjoying life for what it is where it is, and not trying to direct or control it, or force it into being something it doesn’t want to be. Because, especially in this case, just being with Oliver was so much more rewarding then what we would have been doing had he just gone to sleep (watching TV?). It was life, in it’s most beautiful, in-the-moment glory. And I almost missed it. 

From now on, if we’re not sleeping, we’re playing.

To new family rhythms!