A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Maria Ines

Image via Maria Ines

So many inspiring stories about women this week — we’re thinking it must be a sign of the great weekend to come!

The most powerful voter in America.

But is it really about ‘women’s safety‘?

A woman, a bike, and the Gaza Strip

Dear Melinda Gates, thank you for sharing this. Now let’s share the chores. 

Is the dictionary sexist?

All options

Our impossible expectations for women in positions of authority. 

Finally, a little good news from Hollywood

It’s not cute to be scared.

A beautiful collection.

A beautiful company.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend! 

P.S. This charming illustration is from artist Marina Ines. You can shop and learn more about here here.

less is more


Here are a few things I’ve been practicing lately:

Planning less.

Doing less.

Buying less. 

Stressing less.

Expecting less.

Here are some goals I’ve been working on lately:

Being kind to myself more.

Taking ‘a moment for myself’ more.

Getting rid of more.

Saying ‘no thank you’ more. 

Giving myself one good thing. 

There’s a couple of things shifting within me these days. Sometimes this leaves me feeling grumpy, and confused, and dissatisfied. And sometimes it has me feeling clear, and focused, and content. Growth can be complicated that way. I’m working on changing my relationship to money, material things, and myself. Working on all three at once seems like a lot, but I’ve realized that these are all deeply intertwined (at least for me). I’m part of all kinds of terrible cycles where I feel bad about myself because I won’t let myself have the thing I want, then I buy things I don’t want because they’re cheaper/I’m jonesing to buy, and then I’m sad because my house/closet/life is full of things I don’t care about and I still can’t afford the things I really wanted in the first place. This goes on for a long time. There are promises and rules and guilt trips and then, I do the whole thing all over again. 

So, this time around I’m changing the dynamic.  Right now, I’m on a buying hiatus while I clean out the things I’ve bought that I no longer love. This is harder than it sounds because nothing makes you feel like you deserve a new sweater like giving away six sweaters that you only wore once. I’m also investing in the things I already own. This weekend, I took my jeans to be hemmed and I got the zipper fixed on a pair of pants that broke at least a year ago. This may seem obvious but it was basically my Everest. I am slowly but surely backing away from our fast-fashion culture. Whilst I’m giving away the items that no longer inspire me, I’m making a list of the items that do. It’s a google doc that I update regularly and it is called ‘Things Chelsey Likes’. I revisit is every now and again to see if my feelings on items have changed. If they haven’t, I know that when I am ready to purchase items again, these are the ones that are worth my hard earned money. 

Throughout this whole process, I am consistently reminding myself that I deserve everything I want. This mantra is two (or 1 million) fold.

Number one, I want to work on being kind to myself but I realized I often do that buy buying things. When I’m going through a cycle of not buying, I experience it as a punishment or a restriction. I needed to come up with a new way to be kind to myself and I realized that it could be as simple as changing the way I speak to myself. (Part of changing my relationship to myself has been acknowledging how tough I can be on myself). Now, when I want to be kind to myself, I tell myself I am doing a great job. I remind myself about the beautiful life I have created. I thank myself for the work I have done. I let myself know that I deserve everything. 

Number two, I realized that I often starve myself of the things I want as a way to feel like I have control and like I am being responsible. The problem is, I don’t have control (always learning this lesson) and feeling responsible and being responsible are very different things. When I deprive myself of the things I want for the wrong reasons, I am much more inclined to buy things I don’t want because I feel frustrated. Now, when I crave control, I remind myself that control is a fallacy but what I do have is agency. If I really want something I have the agency to find a way to get it. Once I know I can have it, and that I deserve to have it, I get to ask myself if I really want it.  This is sort of mind blowing. 

So yeah, that is what I am working on these days. Full disclosure: I have no idea if this approach will help me at all. Or if it is smart. It is just something I am trying. 


Image: Yves Klein, Yves Peintures, 1954


Survey Says…


There are some very exciting prospects on the horizon for us at GGG. Inspired by the desire to grow bigger and do better, we have created a survey (linked here & below) that we would love for you to complete. It’s super short and could possibly be a lot of fun? 

And, it goes without saying but we will say it anyway: everything is anonymous and we will only ever use the information you provide for private GGG purposes.

Thank you in advance for your time, love, and honesty. You are all wonderful and we hope you have a truly beautiful week!



A Beautiful weekend


We are oh so happy that this weekend has finally arrived. Cheers! 

The key to surviving February. (A woman after our own hearts!).

Broad City is back. YAS Queen. Also, Ilana and Abbi on feminism

Chemical-free tampons. Demand it.

And while we’re on the subject, this is wonderful and helpful. 

Emma Thompson for the win.

Our GIRL, Haley Boyd, sharing styling tips and business advice with The Glitter Guide.

A read for when you think you’re falling behind.

Still Rendering. A beautiful essay from Erin Lee Carr, David Carr’s daughter, about dads, growing up, and feeling loved. 

A beautiful blog

A beautiful company.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

On FOOD, WOMEN, and the desire to judge

 Image vie  Pinterest . 

Image vie Pinterest . 

Today, a compelling and critical post from Briana

I am extremely cynical. I’m also unrelentingly full of love and optimism. I assume this probably describes most people on planet Earth as we are all full of spirit yet still have an ego and will continue to have both until the day we die (or after, depending on your personal belief system). I’d say both of these things most certainly have their place. There are moments when it feels good to laugh at just how ludicrous the world is and moments when, for whatever reason, we really feel its magic.  This very thought occurred to me as I read this article on Moon Juice founder, Amanda Chantal-Bacon. 

Full disclosure: I think most people would probably consider me fairly far on the woo woo/health nut end of the spectrum. I brush my teeth with clay toothpaste, I use face oil as my moisturizer, I meditate daily, I shop at the Park Slope Food Co-Op. (The cynical part of me is rolling my eyes right along with some of you even as I type this.) So, it was somewhat surprising to me that as I read the article, which caught my attention due to the number of sarcastic reposts it had gotten on Facebook, I found myself feeling some small disdain towards this woman. Once I finished reading, I sat for a moment and thought about the piece and why it had given me such a strong and negative reaction. After all, this woman was asked what she ate on an average day and she answered pretty simply and directly. She didn’t say, “Everyone should eat like this.” She didn’t say, “Aren’t I better than you?”. So what gives? Why the eye roll? This woman owns a juice bar. It’s probably safe to assume that her current life’s passion is health food. We can also safely assume that her day revolves around health and nutrition the same way a fitness instructor’s day might revolve around their various workouts, or a florist’s day might revolve around whatever a florist’s day revolves around. Would we all be judging this article if it was a body builder going through their daily diet? Or if it was someone who ate nothing but ice cream, chicken wings, and pizza? Not likely. And probably even less likely if the latter happened to be a skinny, pretty woman despite her carb intake.

So really, what is it in our culture that is seemingly so threatened by a person – actually, a woman (yup, I’m gonna go there) – eating this way? What makes Gwyneth Paltrow rank as the nation’s most hated celebrity over Chris Brown (listed as number 20) who assaulted his girlfriend? 

While thinking about this, I started to feel pretty heated. Because, really, how am I not past this? HOW ARE WE ALL NOT PAST THIS? How has it not yet become lame (or even boring) to shit on people’s diet, and happiness, and lifestyle pursuits (or at least feel some hesitation in publicly declaring our antagonism towards them)? Aren’t women judged harshly enough for the things they do “wrong”? Do they have to be judged even more harshly for what their loves and passions are? Or for being too earnest? Or for living out their business so completely that they now joyously eat bee pollen? Does taking a minute to judge just feel THAT good? Maybe. Maybe it simply feels too good to have that moment where we get to think,  “What the fuck?!  That diet is insane! That woman is insane! LA is insane!” (though I will admit, it does feel extra good to say LA is insane).

But what if – and bear with me here – what if we are the ones that are insane? I’m pretty sure most of us have only tried a few of the foods she references and thus have no idea what kind of power they may hold. Maybe they make you literally sprout wings and fly away to a rainbow-land paradise for an hour before you return to your kitchen. If so, I think we all can admit that the joke’s on us. Or maybe, that doesn’t literally happen, but it still sort of feels like it does (which, come on, is still pretty cool). Or maybe, just maybe, all these foods really do is make this woman smile and add a little pep to her step because they represent her life’s passion and it does her body good. So, while I sit here and eat my ice cream (knowing that now is the time of night when Amanda drinks heart tonic and homemade heirloom raw cacao), I’m going to make the conscious choice not to begrudge her that. 

Briana Pozner is a writer, actress & musician. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  @idalaerke

Image via @idalaerke

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation. And if you’re into it see this, this, and this

Voting with your vagina?

Misty Copeland + Degas

A look at what’s really behind the pay gap.

Study finds that companies that have women in at least 30% of their leadership positions gain 6% in net profit margins. So, yeah. 

A new app that works as a ‘Yelp for maternity leave benefits‘. 

Hawk or dove? A lesson on gender equality in the middle ages…

The Zika Virus is shining a light on how countries treat women. 

This woman, working to protect women in Iran. (And opening our eyes to some incredibly difficult truths). 

A beautiful collective.

A beautiful movie.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

Good morning, Hello


Today, a guest post by the lovely Andrea

 Image via  Local Milk

Image via Local Milk

When I left NYC and moved back to Texas, I was unemployed and everything I owned minus a bed fit into the back of a minivan. As I crossed a bridge whose name escapes me – there’s always a bridge involved – I thought, “how anticlimactic.” I should’ve cried, or immediately felt the need to puke, I should’ve had a strong reaction to this sudden and abrupt change in my life. But nothing happened. It wasn’t sudden or abrupt, as I’d spent an entire year planning it out. Nope, it was deliberate and wonderful and I was going to savor those homemade potato chips that I bought on the side of the road in Amish Country, PA. To take that much time planning a move was a luxury to my exhausted self. I was in charge of my life, a fact that shouldn’t have been such a novelty.

My parents asked me why I decided to move back, my friends were just as curious, and to both I gave roughly the same answer. I needed something different, I wanted to be close to family, I didn’t think I would find my career, I knew I wouldn’t live there forever, etc, etc. Those were honest answers, but only the small ones. The big reason was that I wanted to settle down. I was ready to date someone that wasn’t aspiring to be anything other than ordinary. No would-be actors, novelist, artists, philosophers, no bon vivants or dabbling musicians. Sure they could have an interest in those things, I believe they’re called hobbies, but I was done with the endless hypothetical careers. I wasn’t trying to crush their dreams, but maybe a yard and a retirement plan weren’t such horrible things after all. And in keeping up with this honesty motif, would it have been so terrible that they have the ability to talk about those hobbies in tandem with video games and sports. Couldn’t we discuss the merits of GTA as commentary on societal norms in regards to women and the entrepreneurial spirit that illegal activities denote?  As difficult as it was to admit, I knew that was my reason.  

I was independent, I took care of myself, I didn’t need a partner, and actively deciding to find one should have fit that narrative. Rather than wait for it to happened like I was living in a rom-com, I was going to make the decision to allow that to happen. I was going to place myself in a new place and tell the Universe that my five-year plan had finally reached the point where it was acceptable that I entertain a serious commitment of some sort. But I didn’t feel that way. It felt like a self-induced betrayal. I felt ridiculous and needy, all the things that I didn’t want to be. At that point in my life, I was actively trying not to be the endearing but forever clueless girl, not because I wasn’t that, but because I found it offensive. And unless I ask my closest friends, I’m pretty sure I’ll never really know the truth on that matter. Either way, to express the desire to find a partner felt inappropriate, but to move, to leave such a city for the possibility – not even a guarantee – well that was crazy, right?

Three years out, I question my move daily, usually during traffic on the way to my office job in a field that I’m not particularly devoted to, but one that I find interesting. Did I really need to leave my friends? Do I annoy my parents with my Sunday lunch & laundry visits? Were the casual relationships I started here worth the trouble? Were they any different than what I left behind? Yes and no. In my search for the ordinary partner, I decided that my own ordinariness was in severe need of attention. I had to relearn what it meant to live in a small town, and that saying good morning or hello to strangers in passing wasn’t as silly as I remembered. I had to learn that any city offers some kind of culture and delicious food and good people watching, and that Ordinary with a Plan can lead to surprising things, which can lead to what you wanted all along.

It’s like that time when I worked across the way from a flower shop. I became friends with one of the guys that worked there and in exchange for chocolate, he would give me a bouquet of too old to sell flowers. I would take them home and arrange them in a drinking glass and leave them until the petals started to fall off. It was about five months into this before I remembered my younger self telling my mom that I would always have fresh flowers when I grew up and had my own apartment. What a surprise it was to find that it came true.

Andrea Martinez is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and currently lives in Dallas with her rescue dog Ulysses. She dabbles in a little of this and a little of that. 

Year of the Fire Monkey


Today, we move out of the year of the sheep and into the year of the Monkey. It will also be the New Moon in Aquarius. That’s a lot of change for a Monday, but we’re actually pretty excited about it.

ANYTHING can happen during the year of the monkey. This is not a time to plan for the future in a reasonable or responsible way. Fortune favors the bold and the adventurous when it comes to the monkey.

The monkey is all about communication, humor and wit. This is a year where seemingly insurmountable problems are resolved with ease. During the year of the sheep, going against the status quo was the fastest way to see your ambitions go south. Not so when we’re in they year of the monkey. Things will be accomplished by innovation and risk-taking. Ask for that raise. Get the patent for your invention. Start a crowdsourcing campaign. Commit yourself to “a true devotion to even the wildest of schemes”. The monkey will help you succeed!

It is worth noting that the monkey is known for an undercurrent of shrewdness and trickery, so be on you a-game and try and have a little fun about it.

You can learn more about your own Chinese sign and how the monkey will affect you, here. And here & here you will find some old superstitions to help you make this year the most magical one yet!



A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  @localcreativebk

Image via @localcreativebk

When your GIRL is in OKREAL. (Also, check out Amy’s #LessonImAlwaysLearning here).

Weekend plans.

Boobs. AKA a lesson in how to be bad ass from Susan Sarandon.

History was made

If you’re not listening to Man Repeller‘s podcast, Monocycle, then you’re missing out. But this episode on ‘Going Through It’ is the thing to listen to on a long day. It’s actually the best thing on any day. Also, call your mom.  

Panty raid

The UN declares abortion is a human right

Female boxers in Canada take a stand against everything wrong with the world.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful company.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend!

Skin Is In



How is it already February? Truly, where did the time go? Perhaps I got distracted by all the travel, the unseasonably warm weather, or the snowstorm that blanketed an entire weekend. Somehow, it happened and we are here. February. A notoriously chilly and depressing month. Our feelings about it are well documented. And despite St. Valentine’s best efforts, no amount of dyed roses, saccharin-sweet chocolate boxes, or smiling teddy bears can change what is ultimately Winter’s cruelest warrior.

However, I’ve recently discovered that there are some delights to be found in this short, brutal month. Chiefly, time. Something about February smacks of boredom and futility. It is hard to get out of the house, let alone get shit done. What we are left with is a month of quiet evenings and slow mornings. And do you know what is perfect on a quiet evening or a slow morning? A face mask. Also, a good exfoliation, a hot bath, and an at-home pedicure. As I’ve recently discovered, February is a perfect month for nurturing your cold, winter-worn body. And since there’s nothing else to do, you have plenty of time to indulge in all sorts of lengthy, elaborate beauty rituals that Fall, Spring, and Summer are simply too exciting to make time for. 

So,  below are a few suggestions as to how you might want to spend your lazy, long weekend. Forget dragging yourself to the museum, or cleaning your apartment, or doing laundry. Forget going out for a boozy brunch, or forcing yourself to go to SoulCycle. Instead, hole up in your overheated apartment with a selection of skincare goodies (because you’re not spending money on brunch/laundry/shopping you can afford to be a little decadent here) and give the largest organ in your body a February treat.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

Perfect for the classic best-friends-in-bathrobes-and-face-masks-watching-Clueless kind of night. Plus, it’s all sorts of moisturizing for you.

Dr. Jart Water ++ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask

After seeing every model on Into The Gloss say they used this religiously during/after a flight to rescue their skin from recycled-air grossness, I had to give it a try. I now use it religiously after I travel. But, it’ll do nicely if you’re in one of those apartments where the radiator’s been on full blast since October and your skin feels like paper. 

One Love Organics B Enzyme

I use this as my cleanser all year long. It’s made with organic ingredients and has no parabens, phthalates, or other nonsense ingredients that are science code for poison. It feels incredible on your skin and is so gentle and clarifying.


The dreamiest exfoliator that over was. I love how exfoliating feels but I’m always scared I’m damaging my skin. This one has been lauded for being gentle and effective. 

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

It smells so good. Seriously. Plus, the packaging is pretty in your shower. And it’s all natural. But mostly, it smells good enough to brighten up any winter day

Hot Oil Treatments

These are so simple and so good for your hair. I’m not super into using products in my hair but sometimes that means it gets ignored (read: dry and sad). These are easy to use, good for you, and they travel well (good for winter hair AND summer hair!).

Glossier Balm DotCom

The only balm I use anymore. It’s just so good and has the perfect weight and shininess. I use it on my lips all the time but also on my cheekbones and eyelids when my skin is looking a little dull. I’ve also gifted it to everyone. (You know who you are).


If you get a little stir crazy at home, then brave the cold for a facial at HeyDay. It’s easy to book and super low maintenance. You don’t need an afternoon free to spa and steam, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can just come in, lay down, give your skin a little attention, and walk out the door 30-60 minutes later. 

Happy February!