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I rarely talk about my  artwork on here. I’m not sure why as it is a huge part of who I am and what I feel my purpose is. So today with the encouragement from Chelsey, (who is currently on a solo trip to Paris to celebrate her birthday! What a badass!) I am doing it!   

The weekend of the 8th I have a solo show opening in sag harbor of a calendar series that I have been working on for over 3 years! It is about deepening your experience of life by making the mundane scared… and witchcraft!… not really… but sort of. 

If you are unable to make it to the opening, I am selling a limited-edition-print set of all 12 pieces being shown for $125. It is printed on the most beautiful recycled and reclaimed heavy card stock and it comes with a wood stand that has been handcrafted in Colorado using mountain beetle pine reclaimed from their forests. Also, it’s all made in America! Which is cool. 

I hope you can make it! And please share this with anyone you know in the area that you think would like to drink some rose and look at art on A Saturday night!



Treat yourself


Are you a responsible person? Do you pay your rent on time each month? Have a somewhat decent credit score? Are you a mint.com user? Well then, this email is for you. Today, we’re doling out some controversial advice:

Buy the thing.

You know the thing. The outfit you have been coveting but that’s just out of your price range. The piece of art you’ve been dreaming of hanging on your wall. That apartment that’s  two-hundred dollars over budget but has the view of the trees, and is on just the right block, and let’s not even talk about those floors. Fucking buy it. Because the small amount that you will save by not buying it, is not worth the quality or joy you will get from actually buying it. We are not advocating for irresponsibly spending beyond your means, but we are advocating for treasuring yourself enough to invest in your joy. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then chances are, you’re not impulse buyer. You take your time, you look and look and look again before you finally, cautiously, pull out you credit card. We know because, we are those people. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes, you need to just let yourself have the thing. For Chelsey, this means finally biting the bullet and buying this outfit from Reformation. For Christina it’s these shoes. By Marais USA.  For you, it could mean opting for the more expensive bottle of wine at dinner. Whatever form this takes, don’t be stingy with yourself. Treat yourself as you would a beloved friend. Because, in the wise words of that iconic early female copywriter, Ilon Specht, you’re worth it! 

Happy Monday!




 Image via  ffffordes

Image via ffffordes

Marais USA launched the Made In LA collection this week and we’re basically obsessed with these summer slides (and their thoughtful manufacturing). See our interview with the founder, Haley Boyd, here

Congrats to Becky Hammon on becoming the first female coach to win an NBA summer league championship! 

And to our GIRL, Ivy Mix, for being the first female to win the Tales of the Cocktail’s Bartender of the Year award

A beautiful business

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend! 

That very particular feeling


You know the moment when you find a new blog, author or designer who you simply can’t get enough of? When you happen upon someone’s work and find yourself looking at every single thing they’ve ever made, wrote or said? You feel excited and inspired and a little bit like you’ve met a new friend. Well, this week’s newsletter is dedicated to that very particular feeling. We’re constantly discovering women who have great taste, unique style and engaging new ideas and today, we thought it’d be fun to share a few of them with you!

Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes of 3191 Miles Apart

Maria is based in Portland, Maine and Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon. After meeting each other online, they started a blog posting diptychs — one photo from each of their morning. That project turned into a beautiful coffee table book called, A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart. Now, they’re working on a new project together. Another book, which will include photographs, stories, recipes and crafts in a month by month format that covers their lives and inspirations during January–December, 2015.

Jen Steele of Girls I Know

Not only is Jen the Senior Editor at one of our favorite blogs, Into The Gloss,she’s also the founder of the very cool community/blog/’zine, Girls I Know. When we read Jen’s mission behind Girls I Know, we knew she was a lady after our own heart: “to share the influence of highly dynamic and successful women with a generation of girls interested in learning about who they are or who they will become.”

And lastly, Caitlin Mociun of Mociun and Mociun White

Caitlin opened Mociun, on the corner of Wythe and North 4th, in 2011. Set amidst the busy, industrial streets of Williamsburg, this store is a haven of fresh white walls, handcrafted ceramics, beautiful rugs and organic beauty products. Caitlin’s simple, elegant jewelry line, Mociun, is also sold in store and her ethically sourced, locally made pieces continue to enchant us. In 2015, she opened Mociun White, a dreamy bridal salon that provides dresses, veils, shoes, and home goods for weddings and registries. She also partnered with MCMC to make a special edition perfume, MCMC X MOCIUN, (which is Christina’s signature scent!).

And please feel free to share back. We’re always looking to learn about more wonderful women!

Here’s to a wonderful week!