The Pursuit

 Artwork by Liz Pa yne

Artwork by Liz Pa yne

Last weekend, on the way back from her camping adventure, Chelsey had the opportunity to meet one of Michael’s family friends, a wonderful woman who’s an artist, a writer and an inspiration. Something she mentioned about the complexities of joy and fulfillment sparked a wonderful conversation that led us to reconsider the things that have inspired us at Girl Gift Gather.

So much of our lives is focused on career; society rewards it, our schooling propels us towards it and our lifestyles need it. But, career is only one piece of a much larger and more intricate braid. And in our grand rush to climb the ladder (or invent our own) we too often let everything else fall by the wayside. We arrive at our goals breathless and exhilarated only to find ourselves unsatisfied. Why? Because along the wild and wonderful road to financial independence, personal achievement and job satisfaction we forgot to care for our bodies and love them deeply at each beautiful stage. We kept talking about taking that trip but never found the time. We set objectives instead of dreams. We made lists instead of simply letting our minds run wild and free. We neglected our hearts and occasionally our souls.

Here’s the thing: no one thing will ever satisfy us.This rule applies to partners, jobs, houses, children, bank accounts and everything in between. If we allow this to be our truth, doesn’t it take the pressure of a tiny bit? Yes, it’s a little more complicated. But it’s also more freeing. You don’t need to be a success in your industry by twenty-five to be a happy person. You don’t need to be married by thirty to be a happy person. You don’t need to have three children and a house by forty to be a happy person. You just need to allow yourself to be a happy person. What do you want? What fulfills you? Forget what the world has told you about what will make you happy. What actually makes you happy? And hey, it doesn’t have to be one thing. It doesn’t even have to stay the same. That’s the magic of it all. It’s a beautiful, complex, interlace of things. And it is uniquely your own.

Happy Monday! 


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