Schools Out For The Summer


There’s something wonderful about the freedom that summer offers each one of us. We’re released from our day-to-day routines, bombarded with sweltering temperatures, and overcome by a desire to get out of town. Unlike when we travel in February (desperate to cure the winter blues and recover from the Holidays) or when we book a trip for Spring Break (eager to catch some sun and get outdoors), summer travel comes from a desire to experience something new. We want an unfamiliar taste, an inspiring escapade, a story to tell during the harsh winter that inevitably awaits us.

This week at Girl Gift Gather, we’re taking advantage of those flexible summer schedules and getting out of our comfort zones. For Christina, this means gathering her family and heading off to Los Angeles. She’ll spend the next two weeks discovering the City of Angels and expanding the GGG community by meeting some of the incredibly cool ladies who live out there. And for Chelsey, this means getting out of her much-beloved city for a long weekend camping in Cape Cod. As a novice outdoors(wo)man, she’s (nervously) packing up for a few days of hiking, biking and sleeping under the stars.
That’s the magic of summer. There’s so much possibility and opportunity. Between June and August, there’s a feeling that anything can happen. Adventures are ripe for the picking, new friendships lay just around the bend and memories sit, waiting to be made. “Yes!” is the response to every opportunity, no matter how unknown the territories. Why? Because somewhere in each of us is a child who can’t help but associate the shift in weather with summer vacation, ‘The Great Escape’, three whole months with nothing but sunshine, popsicles and freedom. For the next few weeks, let your inner kid guide you. Roast some marshmallows, book a trip, have a sleepover, buy an ice cream cone, go exploring. Be on summer vacation and love every minute of it.



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