A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Kariherer

Image via Kariherer

A room of dirt in SoHo?  Sounds like a February adventure to us. 

Bright and beautiful desktops — for a bright and beautiful week. 

A dreamy piece of art work (see above) to get you ready for the darling days of Spring (only 21 days!)

And an inspiring story from photojournalist, Lynsey Addario — an incredible woman who has been kidnapped twice whilst on the job in war zones and who just penned her first memoir, It’s What I Do.

A beautiful magazine.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Lesson I’m Always Learning | Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow


“I think, when you’re young, you tend to believe you’ll grow up to “make it” in some way.  Whatever it is for you–a successful career, an ideal family, the house of your dreams…it can manifest itself in so many different ways.  When I started Grow House Grow in 2007, my idea of “making it” was to be big.  I wanted to be the next Marimekko (and I still do!).  But the one thing I’m always, always learning is that life doesn’t travel in one straight line between hope and reality.  There are kids, recessions, fallbacks, and hiccups.  It doesn’t mean you won’t hit that end goal, but it forces you to change your perspective on what it is you really want and when you want it.  It’s not always easy, but I’m happier now that I’m able to find peace and appreciation for exactly where I am, and not where I want to be. “

<3 Katie 

Katie Deedy is the owner, illustrator and designer of Grow House Grow, a Brooklyn based company specializing in handprinted narrative-inspired wallpaper design . @growhousegrow

Breakfast at The Bookstore

 Image via  A Conversation On Cool

Image via A Conversation On Cool

Remember when Holly Golightly had a case of the Mean Reds? Well I’m beginning to think that the February Blues could give the Mean Reds a run for their money. I’ll tell you one thing for certain, a trip to Tiffany’s won’t cure the endless barrage of snow storms and wind chill factors and freezing temps. No. What I need is a visit to the book store. The book store is full of endless possibilities. Opportunity after opportunity to get swept away into a different world; to laugh and to cry and to not be in the middle of February in a snow storm. I just finished a wonderful, wonderful book. The kind of book that makes you excited when your subway is delayed or your friend is late to brunch because it means extra time to soak up a few more pages. I finished yesterday and I miss it already. Whilst I peruse bookshelves on the hunt for my next good read, I’ll share with you a few of my favorites, you know, in case you have your own case of the Mean Reds/February Blues.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed — I really enjoyed the movie. Really. But I loved the book. What I remember most is how many baths I took in the weeks I was reading it. This may sounds weird/silly but her description of being on the PCH and working her body so hard made me incredibly grateful for the little things: a hot bath, fresh sheets, a full night’s sleep. If, like me, you can get a little lost in your head about all the serious things, then this focus on the physical is a magnificent escape. And then there’s her personal journey — told with sheer, brutal, beautiful honesty. 

The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon — This may be one of my favorite books of all time. The story telling is incredible. I read it in February last year and I am convinced its magic and humor and exquisite writing is why I don’t remember last February being quite as bad as this one. Comic books and World Fairs and young Jewish boys in Brooklyn — it is sheer brilliance and that is all!

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple — One of those books you never want to end. It was weird and wonderful from start to finish. It made me want to move to Seattle and take a cruise to Antartica and befriend a curious, genius teenage girl. 

Anything/Everything by Nora Ephron — No one puts smile on my face like Nora. Truly. Her writing is witty and smart and simply delightful. She has inspired me and informed me. And her essays have taught me so, so much about writing and life and humor and…everything. No matter what you read by her, you will find it clever and relatable and charming.

The Girls’ Guide To Hunting And Fishing by Melissa Bank — This is the book I just read. I started it on Saturday and finished it the Saturday following. It was so lovely, I even stopped inside a cafe to read it when I had many, many other things i was supposed to be doing. It is a series of vignettes mostly about one character, a girl named Jane. It is about love and life and the things in between (hunting, fishing etc.). All week long, I have walked around with a smile on my face because it put me in such a delightful mood. I was the girl sitting on the subway, reading her book, laughing to herself and forgetting it was February.



a little bit of everything



We are looking for someone special to share our studio with! As of right now, it is used for Girl Gift Gather meetings, filming and events as well as Christina’s other company Brooklyn Baby Bumps. Half of the studio space is available and we’ll work with you to create a schedule so you have a set number of days in the space solo. Also, you’re be welcome to help yourself to our extensive collection of teas from Bellocq whenever you feel inspired to do so! (Full disclosure, there will periodically be a beautiful 8 month old hanging out in our hammock.) Message us for more details.

Happy Chinese New Year!

We have bid adieu to the year of the horse and are just beginning our year long journey with the sensitive, artistic, family-loving, poetry-reading Wood Sheep. Read about what to expect from this fabulous New Year here.


This month, in celebration of the women we’re always meeting and the wisdom they’re always sharing, we’re launching a series called #LessonImAlwaysLearning. We’ll be reaching out to some of the most interesting and inspiring women we know and inviting them to share the lesson they are always learning with us. The question is one we ask during our interviews, but there’s not a woman we meet whose answer we aren’t curious to learn. So far, we’ve heard from maternity lifestyle maven, Latham Thomas and identical twin sisters and professional astrologists, The AstroTwins

Cherry Bombe Jubilee

YES! It’s back and happening again. This is a must-attend event. We were beyond floored last year when we went and are counting down the days until this year’s. Get a ticket here. We promise you won’t be sorry.


A Beautiful Weekend


It’s Oscar weekend and we’ll be celebrating (and rooting for) women in film this Sunday night! We’re hoping to hear fewer “What are you wearing? What did you eat today?” questions directed at women on the red carpet after these awesome responses from some of our favorite actresses. 

 Image vIa  Vanity Fair

Image vIa Vanity Fair

We’re brushing up on our Hollywood history with acceptance speeches from: Hattie McDaniel, the first African American woman to win an Oscar, Julia Roberts talking about the inspirational Erin Brockovich and Cate Blanchet advocating for female-focused cinema! Plus, a slideshow of Every Best Actress Winner In History.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful film.

2 beautiful Oscar-worthy women

Have a beautiful weekend1

Happy New Year of the Sheep!


We just came out of the year of the Horse. Thinking back on this past year, it has been a whirlwind of amazing forward momentum. Something, according to legend, Horse years always bring with them! Reflecting on this past year myself, I feel I have accomplished a lot. We launched Girl Gift Gather, bringing with it the joy /responsibility of daily posts, weekly newsletters, Girl Gift Gatherings,  the book club, and filming and editing the first 8 episodes of our series.

I had a baby! And have continued to work at my other company Brooklyn Baby Bumps where I make custom artistic pregnancy casts for women all over the city. Not to mention, trying to be a good mother, daughter, friend, partner and wife during this incredible transition in my life. As I sit in a small coffee shop around the block from our small apartment in Bedstuy, while my dear friend and her boyfriend watch over my son so I can write this very post, I take a deep breath, drink some chamomile tea and realize that in all the hustle and bustle and obligations and doing of things, I have lost touch with the joy and inspiration that I wish to ground and inform all of my actions. 

The New Year has come at the perfect moment for me. The year of the Sheep is Yin. It is not about doing, it is about being. It’s not about achieving, it’s about enjoying a meaningful life. A life filled with depth, friendship and love. I’s art for art’s sake. It’s poetry. It’s nature. It’s moments of solitude where you greet yourself as an old friend, and say… ‘oh hello, I have missed you’. 

I read a book few years ago called Circle of Stones. In the book, there is a passage  that made me think of the Chinese year of the Sheep and the energy it represents:

“For me the balance between doing and just being is the most important and dangerous question.  IF I am guilted or lured into achieving too much and lose the stillness in my centre, then it takes me a long time to regain it and I do violence to myself or those I love because of fatigue and pressure.

I have had to give up “winning big” because I love my life when I am connected to it.  I hate it when it and I get caught up in competition and deadlines. Then I have an overriding sense of impatience, my foot taps…….. I gulp down my food whole……… I spill coffee when I am pouring and burn myself on the stove…… I rip, and wrench and tear.  There is a violence that takes over every act and shrieks orders at me.

I am finding it takes a lot of time to be a woman, to have an inner feeling of space and breath, a chance to sink into myself……  as long as I take time to light a candle to my life, it remains my life.  But if I hurry into work without that small moment of quiet then I have already lost myself for the rest of the day.  The task for me is to care, daily, for myself and  my life….. to love and to nurture, within myself, moment by moment, the quality of quiet presence, quietly being present in my life, which sanctifies it,  to live as if the candle is alight”

Here’s to a beautiful, creative, loving, inspired, grounding Sheep Year!



Lesson I’m Always Learning | Ophira and Tali, The Astrotwins


“Let desire be your guiding force. Does it light you up? Does it turn you on? Forget the deprivation mindset. If something excites you, it’s probably worth pursuing — even if pulling that thread simply unravels the illusions you have about your limits.” 


Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are identical twin sisters and professional astrologers. Their spot-on predictions reach millions of people through their website, Astrostyle.com & their web series “Astrologica” on Refinery29.com.

This Is Just To Say

 Image via  Michael Graydon

Image via Michael Graydon


This Is Just To Say

William Carlos Williams1883 – 1963

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

I love this poem. And yes, it is a Summer poem. And yes, it is freezing outside. Colder than freezing, actually. But maybe, on a day like today, this is just what we need. A couple of words to remind us of fresh, cold fruits and warm, sticky mornings. A few sentiments that let us know that Spring isn’t quite so far away.


Happy Valentines Day!


Ah, Valentine’s Day. One of the more controversial (commercial?) Holidays. Do you love? Do you hate? Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day instead? Whatever you do and however you feel about February 14th, try to remember this: Today is an opportunity to love enthusiastically! And love is not limited to boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives. Love is champagne with your best friend, handmade cards with your son or daughter, homemade brownies for your mother or father, a box of red M&M’s for your nieces and nephews. It’s a cuddle pile with your puppy, a box of cookies for your office and a phone call with your grandma. This silly, wonderful, ridiculous holiday is an opportunity for you to be grateful for the love that surrounds you. So be grateful and be grateful shamelessly!

If you happen to be celebrating solo this year, then celebrate the crap out of yourself! You deserve champagne and flowers and fancy chocolates and bubble baths — you can give yourself all of those things and you should! Decorate your apartment with roses and heart-shaped candies, write yourself a love note (“You look beautiful today and you’re doing a spectacular job at life”), put on your ruby red lipstick and spread the L-O-V-E!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s weekend!