A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Lovely Life

Image via Lovely Life

Seems we’re simply obsessed with women in food this week. A few links to inspire your mind and your tummy!

Mimi Sheraton, consider us obsessed with you and your Food Diary

Sqirl owner, Jessica Koslow, talks with GrubStreet about being a boss lady and the importance of hard work.

Malin Elmlid trades homemade sourdough bread around the world, talks cultural heritage and religion with Gather Journal, is our favorite.  

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful article.

A beautiful woman

And speaking of women in food…one woman we love, and another, and another

I am safe


As some of you may know, every month, for the past two years now, I have hosted New Moon Ceremonies at the studio. We drink wine, eat chocolate, meditate on the symbolism of the month’s sign and then, we set intentions. This past New Moon, Dora Marin’s intention brought the whole circle to tears. It was so beautiful that I asked her if I could share it here, luckily for all of us, she said yes! 



“New Moon in Aquarius Intention:

When I feel I’m lacking where do I go? 
Who do I turn to and what do I ask for?
Asking myself for those small things.
Always remembering myself and those things that bring me blissful joy.

Where is it that I’m being generous and not?
Where is it that I can be more generous.
What is it that I can give to myself instead of asking of others?
Where does expectation of others stop and fulfillment of myself begin?

Taking the time to enjoy my journey every step of the way and remembering that growth comes from being in the moments that are most challenging; 
from painful detachment to the things I depend on for security, which are the things that limit me the most. 

I trust myself.

Dora Marin is an artist and the co-founder of The Pow-Wow — physical space where creatives of all backgrounds can come together, collaborate, work, perform, support each other, generate solutions, and elevate together. Opening in the summer of 2015. @thepowwow

Snow Day!

 Image via  L  a Cool et Chic

Image via L a Cool et Chic

Happy Snow Day East Coast! 

As I type, there are snow flurries outside my window and bacon sizzling on my stove. Snow day is a gift from the world! It conjures memories of sleepy school mornings and snowball fights in the yard. It’s designed for chocolate chip cookie baking and day-long pajama wearing!

But…if your job is anything like mine, then being stuck at home doesn’t really prohibit productivity. There’s work to be done and a laptop with a strong WiFi connection to facilitate it. It’s just, there’s something in the air over here in Brooklyn. A sense of excitement from all those 9-5ers who are so rarely home on a Tuesday afternoon. It makes me want to unplug my computer, switch of my phone and go out and play. But the work! And the emails! And the things that are on the to-do list!

Here’s the thing though, maybe a Snow Day is a actually just a day to say, “screw it!”. It’s a day to let your inner-kid take charge. The work will be there tomorrow. The snow won’t. Maybe the best thing you can do for yourself today is to snuggle up in your comfy, coziest wears (see above for our outfit inspiration) and cuddle with your love and eat pancakes for dinner and run outside to make snow angels. 

That’s what I’ll be doing. 



P.S. More thoughts on snow days here.


WInter Selections


Morning snow flurries, cashmere scarves, one lost glove, pots of hot tea and bowls of spaghetti — this is what Winters are made of. This year, instead of resisting Winter, lean into it with our comfy, cozy Winter Selections!

READ: Almost Famous Women: Stories by Megan Mayhew Bergman | And then catch up on our Brief Histories of Incredible Women!

EAT: Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup. | Bon Appetit is keeping us cozy and curing our colds. 

LISTEN: Invisibilia | NPR’s new program that explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior.

WATCH: DIY: Face Masks | Ideal for quiet weekends avoiding the cold. 

DRINK: This oolong tea from Bellocq | because as co-owner Heidi told Christina, it is warm and grounding and apsolutely perfect for this time of year

WEAR: Reformation’s ‘Feelings’ Tee | Because it’s the modern girls way of wearing her heart on her sleeve.

SEE: The Deborah Turbeville Exhibit at the Staley Wise Gallery

“However busy you are, catch your breath and enforce a moment of stillness on yourself. You’ll be surprised how good it feels.”Her wisdom is spot on and her photographs are captivating. 

Stay warm!



For a Rainy Day

 Image via  Seasonal Love

Image via Seasonal Love

Ever since the Holidays came to a close, the weather in NYC has altered between grey/rainy and bright/freezing. Winter is in in full swing and it seems there’s nothing but heavy coats and snow storms in site. When it’s cold and wet and you’re at a loss for what the hell you did for fun this time last year, look no further than this cozy corner. 

This is my favorite time of year to cook — something about the early evenings, hearty meals and glasses of red wine. Pick up a new cookbook and gather some friends around for a casual dinner party. The kind where no one dresses up and you throw it all together in an instant. Make a roast chicken or a bolognese, light candles and stay up late into the evening (after all, rainy Sundays are made for sleeping in). 

Alternatively, wake up early on a Sunday morning and bake a cake! Make it elaborate and indulgent, like this Funfetti Cake or this Chocolate Cake with Basil Buttercream. Then, eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Because, why the hell not!)

It’s awards season which gives you the perfect excuse to spend your weekend binge watching the year’s best films. You can see the nominated documentaries from the comfort of your couch. And Michael and I have a tradition of seeing the animated shorts at our local movie theater — it’s always a charming date.

Plus, Broad City Season 2 started this week and GIRLS Season 4 started last week. (And the entire series of Friends is on Netflix for those days when you yearn for your adolescents.)

Invite your friends over for a game of Scrabble. Challenge your roommates to an epic game of Risk. Or, simply make a cup of tea and play cards with the one you love — I’m a big fan of Cribbage and Spit . (Also, we got Settlers of Catan and played that this weekend and my mind has been blown!).

Decorate. If you’re going to be cooped up in your apartment for the next few months, you may as well like what you see. Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy are constant sources of inspiration for us. And also, this

Get creative! Put on a playlist and dance around in your underwear. Bake some breadSpend an afternoon at ceramics shop and paint some pottery. Learn to knitPull out your art supplies and water color. Make some jam. Whatever you do, enjoy these cozy, short, winter days. They are magical in their own way.



Aquarius New Moon and Reflections on Worth


Today is the first New Moon of the year and it falls in the magical sign of Aquarius. According to Mystic Mama:

“The Aquarian New Moon message: today is the first day of your life. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. All power is in the choices you make todayUse the New Moon to create a new life. “

Well, I am feeling this hard. As some of you know, the New Moon is an incredible time to make intentions for things you want to create and grow in your life. In reflecting on what I want my intention to be this month, I have been thinking a lot about my relationship to gratitude. The truth is, I use my “grateful” moments to beat myself up. What I am really saying to myself 90% of the time when I look around and appreciate is “…you don’t deserve any of this. You aren’t good enough for these blessings. You will ruin it. Basically, you suck.” Then, guilt, sadness and anxiety follow suit. So fun! 

So, my intention for this potent first New Moon of the year (and really, the theme for this entire year) is to feel worthy. To feel worthy and deserving of all the good in my life. Phew. It’s a big one!

Happy Mooning,



Yin, Yang & Brainstorming


I’m gonna be honest, I don’t particularly like to admit when I’ve spent timescanning my newsfeed on Facebook. It’s something I usually succumb to when I want to check out of whatever task I am currently facing or whatever emotion I am not in the mood to deal with. But today, as I browsed my feed, I found three surprisingly interconnected, and interesting posts right in a row. The first was this quote from Conan O’Brien:  “According to a recent study, most men would like women to occasionally pick up the check. The study also found that most women would occasionally like to be paid as much as men for doing the same job.”  The next was an article about the discrepancy in pay between the female and male actors in “American Hustle.”  The third was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner talking about their opposing experiences of being interviewed on the red carpet (one of the two is repeatedly asked about how they balance family and career- I’m sure you can guess which one).  

While I found the aims of these pieces inspiring, what I found to be even more inspiring was that so many people had the impetus to post them, and that when it comes to the way women are viewed, so many people are starving for a new dialogue. I could feel myself getting antsy as I read them, internally asking, “Where do we go from here?” We know we need to change the conversation, but what do we do about it? So I started plumbing the depths of my mind, searching for some logical solution, something assertive that could be done to facilitate change. And that’s when it dawned on me: I realized in my brainstorming (and quite literally brain-storming), I was analyzing a problem and striving for an answer. In other words, I was only tapping into my yang (masculine) sensibilities. And maybe therein lies the problem. I mean, how could I begin to tackle the masculine/feminine im-balance in society, when there is such an im-balance within me? So I asked myself to surrender to the yin, and instead of striving and analyzing, to let myself receive-instead of going after the change, to make some space for it. Today, I invite you to do the same, and take a look at the yin/yang within you. Perhaps if we all take the time to harmonize the male/female within ourselves, the world will follow suit.



Briana Pozner is a writer, actress & musician. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

New Voices


Watching Girl Gift Gather bloom is one of our greatest joys. We love hearing from our community and connecting with the women who inspire and delight us. We’ve had the opportunity to feature incredible makers through our video series. And as our blog grows, we’re exploring new ways to showcase the writers, artists and creators who are exciting us. In the coming months, you’ll see some new voices on our site — women who have been generous enough to share their journeys, experiences, truths and their wisdoms with us, and now with you. We don’t ask our contributors to write on one topic or another, rather, we invite them to share the things that are inspiring, challenging and motivating them. We request that they remain honest and true to themselves because we’re not interested in homogeneity, we’re interested in the beautiful complexity that is inherent in being a woman. What we’re trying to create here is a home; a space where each member of our community can feel represented and cared for, a venue where talented, insightful women can share their work. We are so honored to offer these voices to you and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.