Full Moon in Aries + Eclipse

  Artwork  by   DEMING     KING HARRIMAN  on  Create Collect

Artwork by  DEMING KING HARRIMAN  on Create Collect

Today is the Full Moon + Eclipse in Aries. I’ll spare you all of the astrological details and break it down in simple terms. Full moons make people act a little weird, add the eclipse energy in fiery, hot headed Aries and you have a perfect recipe for some serious tensions. The good news, inside your frustrations there is hidden gold. Something I like to say when I find myself in the heat of the moment is; “out of this situation only good will come”. I learned that gem from Louise Hay and it has served me very well over the years…not to mention a few times today! Choose a loftier perspective. Try to put your annoyances in perspective. And trust that all is working out for the highest good.

Happy Mooning!



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