When Miley Cyrus crashes your Party


September represents so much to us: the start of a school year, early mornings, day planners, sharpened pencils, fresh energy, big ideas. We’re so thrilled to get back into the swing of things after a Summer of slow, easy living. But often, in our fervor to create, make, do and succeed, we miss a little something.

Here at the Studio, we’ve been all about our GATHER episodes. Over the last month, we’ve connected with amazing artists, makers and creators to feature their work in all sorts of new and exciting ways. We’ve strategized filming schedules, organized menus and even redecorated our space.  We’ve prepared guest lists, episode themes and topics of discussion. We were ready to dive in headfirst when…Miley Cyrus showed up. And we do mean actual, literal Miley Cyrus of Party In The USA and sticking-her-tongue-out fame.

For the next while, they are filming a blockbuster movie in our building featuring Miley Cyrus. As we type, they’re building a huge sound stage, setting up a tunnel of lights and creating a racket beyond comprehension. As a result, our big plans to film the GATHER episodes over the next few weeks have been halted.

Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in our plans that we lose sight of the flow of things. Instead of taking stock of the now, we fixate on those things we decided on months and even years ago and we pursue them, doggedly. We chase them even when the timing doesn’t feel right or they’re simply not working out. We become so attached to the decisions and choices we made in the past that we lose sight of the present, and all of the magical opportunities it has to offer.

We’re learning a lot about going with the flow this week.  We’re pretty sure this will be lifelong lesson. So today, we encourage you to release your expectations and the tight grip you have on your plans. We say, go with the flow, because who knows what wonder lies ahead or when Miley Cyrus might show up!




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