if this finds you on the brink…


We’re very excited to announce that Christina and her husband, Chris, birthed a beautiful boy, Oliver James Justiz Roush, just a few weeks ago. Christina shared her birth story on our blog this week – check it out here. (It’ll inspire, amaze and move you.)

As Christina neared her due date and welcomed Oliver into the world, our hearts and minds began to gravitate towards birth and all that it encompasses. There are many “births” we experience in our lives, some bigger than others, but all deeply important. After long conversations over tea (and breastfeeding breaks) we came to understand “birthing” as, “the moment you leap”. Whether you’re committing to a relationship, starting a new job, moving cities or expanding your family, birth is what happens after all of the talking and planning and dreaming is done. The birth of anything is rooted in reality and thus it is hard and exhausting, and incredibly beautiful.

Before we got Girl Gift Gather off the ground, we spent hours talking, writing, imagining, planning; an entire year of meetings and phone calls and mission statements. It was a beautiful time, full of big ideas and lofty plans. But nothing is quite like showing up for Girl Gift Gather every day: answering the emails, writing the blog posts, filming the episodes, hearing from you. Though we look on those days, drinking tea and hatching plans, with a bit of nostalgia, we know in our hearts that they are no match for the days spent making our dream a reality. And when we’re in the thick of it, and we’re feeling lost, the simple knowledge that this year, we took the leap and we survived, gets us to take the next step. 

So, if this week’s newsletter finds you on the brink, then this morning, with happy, fulfilled hearts, we encourage to go out there and take the leap yourselves!

Have a beautiful weekend!



On the topic of birth, make sure to check out – Anne McClaine‘s, founder of MCMC Fragrances GIFT episode. She talks about the romantic nature of dreaming up your business, and the thrilling feeling of actually putting your product out there.

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  1. Love this. Congratulations, Christina, on your darling son, and congratulations to the both of you on Girl Gift Gather! I made a big leap about two years ago when I moved out of the country, and am nearing another big jump sometime soon. Taking leaps is the only way we ever truly grow. The learning curve can be steep but golly, is it worth it! Thanks girls πŸ™‚

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