Everything’s Great


“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.”

– Richard Bach

This week, we’ve looked at great women and all that goes into preparing for greatness. But, it’s Summertime and likely many of you are on vacation or at least enjoying Summer Fridays. Less work, beautiful weather and longer evenings mean things are feeling pretty great right now. It’s important that we take a breath and thank the Universe for these days, that we make room for them in our lives — Summer or no Summer. 

When times are tough, it can be hard to catch your breath, to take care of yourself and to nurture your relationships (even though that’s when you need it most). Now that times are good, it’s our duty to take the time to do so. So, whilst the weather is sweet, the beaches are bustling, the rosé is flowing and the watermelon is abundant, enjoy yourself, enjoy this greatness and share it with others.




A Brief History of An Incredible Woman


Indira Ghandi

Indira Gandhi (no relation to Mahatma Gandhi) was born on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad, India. She was born into a political family. Her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, served as India’s first Prime Minister. As a member of the Indian National Congress, Nehru had been influenced by party leader Mahatma Gandhi, and dedicated himself to India’s fight for independence. 

Because of her father’s political ambitions, Indira had a difficult and lonely childhood. Nehru was often working away from home or incarcerated in prison for his political actions and beliefs. Indira was raised mainly by her mother who was often very sick. 

In 1936, Indira’s mother fell ill with tuberculosis. Indira moved to Europe to be by her mother’s bedside and after her mother passed, it was decided that Indira would stay in Europe to finish her education. A stubborn and highly intelligent young woman, she enjoyed an excellent education in Switzerland and the UK, eventually attending the University of Oxford. Once Indira had finished her education, she became her father’s unofficial personal assistant and host,  navigating the complicated relationships of diplomacy with some of the greatest leaders in the world.

After her father’s death in 1964, Indira was appointed minister of information and broadcasting. Her father’s successor died abruptly, and in 1966 India’s congress elected Indira as the Prime Minister. She served for three consecutive terms (1966-77) and a fourth term (1980-84). 

Within a few years of her appointment, Gandhi gained enormous popularity for her bold and dynamic policies. Most famously, The Green Revolution, a program that transformed India into a country self-sufficient in food grains.

In 1971, Indira took India into war with Pakistan in support of the independence movement and war of independence in East Pakistan. This resulted in an Indian victory and the creation of Bangladesh, for which Gandhi was posthumously awarded Bangladesh’s highest state honor 40 years later.

Indira was known for her autocratic rulership and corruption in the Indian government and congress became common during her time as Prime Minister. After a minor infraction, Indira lost the 1977 election but in 1980, she won the election by a landslide. She continued to act as Prime Minister of India until her assassination in 1984. 

She had two sons, Rajiv and Sanjay, with her husband, Feroze Gandhi. 

“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”

Prepare Yourself for Greatness


Chelsey is off on her annual summer travels (see here)! After a few days eating po’boys and beignets in New Orleans, she’s now in Austin visiting her family. For the next few weeks, she’ll be swimming in lakes, listening to live music, exploring Hill Country and watching movies with her dad on Friday nights.

The quote below is the silent prayer author Latham Thomas said to her unborn son, when she found out she was pregnant. She shares this prayer in her book, Mama Glow, a wonderful resource for women interested in having a beautiful pregnancy and birth. It served me well before, during and now, after my pregnancy.

“Little being of light, I don’t know who you are and what you will be in this world but what I know is that you chose me. I don’t feel ready but I promise that I will ready myself for your greatness.” – Latham Thomas

My pregnancy was a surprise to my husband and I, and I was scared. No way around it. Fear seems to be my initial reaction to everything that is life-changing and amazing. (see war of art)

Chelsey can tell you. One night shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I went to her house and just cried and cried on her bed. I felt totally incompetent. I wasn’t ready. The gravity of what it meant to be a mother, what it meant to be responsible for a little soul coming into this perfectly imperfect world overwhelmed me. Then I remembered the sentiment above, the importance of readying yourself for greatness, and I felt calm.

There is something incredibly liberating to letting go of your ego in the service of something bigger than yourself. It is the small (but mighty) fear voice that says you are not capable of your dreams; starting that business, ending that relationship, or becoming a mother. You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to know how each detail will unfold, all you need is the intention. In everything that we do, if we can just surrender to life, life will take care of the details. 

Where can you ready yourself for the greatness that is your life?


Leo New Moon


Susan Miller, famous astrologer (whose insights are always so spot on, it’s wild) writes about today: 

The new moon in Leo, 4 degrees will be conjunct Jupiter (the planet ruling luck, wealth, and generosity) and bring happiness to you for a full year or more, very possibly forever. You can choose any initiative you’d like to make, on any front. Only rarely do you get this kind of carte blanche from a caring universe. Choose the opportunities with long-term potential, for you are starting a Jupiter cycle now, and the seeds you plant this year will pay dividends in terms of money and happiness for at least twelve years

Chelsey and I are both Leos and we would be amiss to not take this opportunity to look at the year (or 12 years) ahead and set some intentions on how we want Girl Gift Gather to grow. We spent some time meditating, brainstorming, and just plain old dreaming big, and this is what we came up with.

We want to ready ourselves for the greatness that is Girl Gift Gather. We will be talking about this a lot in this week’s Newsletter. It’s the understanding that when you surrender your small ego self, desires and goals for a cause that is bigger than you, anything is possible. More importantly, what is possible is always way bigger, more fulfilling and worthwhile than anything you can even imagine! It’s about allowing ourselves to grow grow grow in the way that is needed so we can be of the highest service to our growing community.  

We want to expand the size and scope of our audience! We so passionately believe in connecting women and sharing their greatness and want as many people to be influenced, inspired, and uplifted by our mission as possible.

We want to attract more $$$ so we can film more episodes, host events, connect women and grow, grow, grow! 

And last but certainly not least, we want to develop our commitment to the tough stuff: legal contracts, budgets, paperwork. (And maybe our talent for these things too!) 

Girl Gift Gather is truly a labor of love. And we are so, so thankful to be able to show up for it everyday! Thank you for allowing us to!

We strongly encourage you to take sometime on this magical New Moon to set some intentions in your life and always be open to life giving you more then what you ask for!




Travel Magic

 Chelsey in the Redwoods! 

Chelsey in the Redwoods! 

 Hugging trees!

Hugging trees!

One of our favorite things about Summer is the opportunity travel, to adventure to new cities, try new things and meet new people. 

When we’re traveling, we have the opportunity to learn about places and people, but also about ourselves. When we’re free of our laptops and work schedules, our regular bars and coffee shops, who are we?

When we cut loose from our day-to-day, who do we have the freedom to be?

Some of us become adventurers, others beachbums. Some splurge out on fancy dinners and hotels, others enjoy the simple life. Travel is a time for the parts of ourselves that don’t get a lot of attention in the everyday.

Journeys to new places require us to expand. When we’re somewhere new, we’re vulnerable. We may not know the language or the landscape; we may find ourselves lost or alone. But in this situation, our vulnerability is our asset. It opens us up: we ask people for directions, we sit in coffee shops cell-phone-free, we take time to wander…

A Brief History of An Incredible Woman


Lady Hester Stanhope

All this talk about travel and vacation has us compelled to learn a bit more about the women who spent their lives exploring and adventuring. That’s how we stumbled upon Lady Hester Stanhope. Lady Hester was a British socialite, traveler, wanderer and eccentric.

She was born in 1776 and during her early years she played Chief of Household to British Prime Minister, William Pitt. Upon finishing her duties to the Prime Minister, Lady Hester travelled to Greece and the Ottoman Empire. It was en route to Cairo, that she became shipwrecked in Rhodes, Greece. Having lost all of her possessions in the shipwreck, Lady Hester was forced to wear Turkish men’s clothes. From this day forth, she dressed in men’s clothes for the rest of her life. 

Lady Hester continued her travels exploring Gibraltar, Malta, the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese, Athens, Constantinople, Rhodes, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Along her way, she met kings, sheikhs, tribesmen and brigands; she charmed them all with her fearless attitude and her brash style.  Whilst in Syria, Lady Hester discovered a medieval Italian manuscript and went on a full blown archeological expedition to search for the treasure that the manuscript pointed to. She never found the treasure, but she continued to tour the Middle East, eventually referring to herself as ‘The Queen of the Desert’.

Lady Hester ended her life as a recluse in Sidon, Lebanon. She is known today as an explorer, adventurer, pioneer and rule breaker.

“I have nothing to fear… I am the sun, the stars, the pearl, the lion, the light from heaven.”


let your summer off the hook


The anticipation and excitement around the beloved Summer season can create a lot of pressure and expectation. What about those weekends weonly to want to crawl into our bed and rest, rest, rest. Oh, but the guilt! “It’s finally Summer,” we think. “We have to see, eat, drink and do everything there is to be done!” “There is only 6 weekends left!”  The truth is we’re still humans, whether we’re in the Hamptons, upstate at a wedding, or on a brownstone rooftop drinking PBR’s. We still get tired, angry, lost and confused; Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. 

Every feeling we have is worthwhile and instead of forcing ourselves to soak up every second of the sun, or see every sight on view, why not allow this season to be a time to just go with the flow? No expectations. No judgements. There is no hierarchy of feelings; no one feeling is better than the other. The sooner we’re able to embrace where we’re at, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy our family, friends and that incredible view.

Let your Summer off the hook! 



That’s Chelsey jumping of an enormous cliff in Costa Rica!!! 

A Beautiful Weekend


Actress, comedian and theater icon Elaine Stritch passed away yesterday. She was a veteran of stage and film who has been performing on Broadway for the last 70 years. Her last performance was a one-woman cabaret at the Cafe Carlyle, age 82. She was an icon, a pistol and a damn talented lady. The documentary about her life, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, is a beautiful insight into aging, performing and old New York. (We loved this profile on her as well!)

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman.