GIFT | The Good Witch


There is something undeniably powerful about a women who is grounded in her truth and her purpose. When you meet  Dr. JJ Pursell, owner of the growing Herb Shoppe franchise (with a location right here in Brooklyn), she radiates a timeless wisdom. 

Her relationships to the earth and the natural cycles of life are strong and striking. 

She is a healer, a fierce entrepreneur, a mother, and a mentor.  She has pursued a life guided by instinct and her connection to her inner voice is something we can all learn from.

In this episode, Dr. JJ teaches us how to make a stress-free medicinal tincture (it’s way easier than it sounds) and discusses the healing power of herbs, what it meant to have people believe in her dream, and how she created her very personal path to success. 

We are so excited to share her story with you today. Enjoy, share and definitely visit the Herb Shoppe and her blog when you have a chance!

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