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” What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.” -Maya Angelou

A beautiful book

A beautiful poem

A beautiful women.

Have a beautiful weekend!


GIFT | strawberry basil jam


This week, we visited Anarchy In A Jar founder, Laena McCarthy in her Greenpoint kitchen, where she shared her recipe for Strawberry Basil Jam with us. Sign up to our newsletter to see Laena’s GIFT episode and hear her talk on jams, mustards, family history and flavor profiles! 

2 cups Strawberries 

1/2 cup of Sugar 

2 Basil Leaves (torn up)

1 tsp. of Pectin (Laena recommends Pamona’s Universal Pectin)

1 tsp. Lemon Juice

Remove hulls from your strawberries and wash. 

Add strawberries, lemon juice and torn basil to a pot and mash fruit.

Bring fruit to a boil. 

Mix sugar and pectin thoroughly in a separate bowl.

Add sugar/pectin mixture to the pot and stir vigorously for 2 minutes.

Pour mixture into jam jars and let cool in refrigerator.

Spread on toast or add a dollop to plain greek yogurt — it’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory! This recipe lasts for 7-10 days, to make a long-lasting preserve, visit Anarchy In A Jar.




New Moon In Gemini

 Artwork by Carolina Espiniza

Artwork by Carolina Espiniza

It’s the New Moon again! I love New Moons. I love the fresh start they give us each month — the waxing and waning of the moon and it’s tangible representation in nature of the birth, fulfillment and return of our intentions. It’s powerful stuff when you align with it! 

When we look at each of the 12 signs as the archetypes that they are, we enrich and deepen our experience of life itself. We weave ourselves into an ancient mythology of pathos, imagination and transformation. Through the 12 signs we the find different aspects of ourselves, long forgotten, suppressed or ignored. 

This is the solar/lunar month of Gemini. Since Gemini represents communication, connection, intellectual pursuits and friendship, some ways to align with this energy is to ask ourselves how we communicate our truths to others. Do we often feel misunderstood? if so, is it because we are not being clear about who we are and what we care about in our relationships? In the same vain, are we perceiving other people in our lives through a clear lens? This is a time to get honest and start talking about yourself, others and all situations you find yourself in. In doing so, you’ll be setting yourself up for truthful reflection that leads to beautiful transformation! 

Light a candle, eat some chocolate, thank the moon.



GIFT | la primavera


We stopped by The Clover Club this week to chat with cocktail connoisseur and Speed Rack co-founder, Ivy Mix! She created a truly delicious Spring cocktail for us (see below) and shared her wisdom on everything from what it’s like to be woman behind the bar to her favorite brand of tequila. Check out the full interview here!

La Primavera 

2 oz. Tequila (Ivy recommends Ocho Plata)

3/4 oz. Lemon Juice

3/4 oz. Chamomile Simple Syrup

(one part strong brewed chamomile tea to one part sugar)

1/2 oz. Grapefruit Juice

3 Raspberries

Shake. Strain. Enjoy!

Ivy Mix in the New York Times


For our first GIFT episode we’re sitting down with Speed Rack co-founder and cocktail connoisseur, Ivy Mix. Her innovative approach to crafting a drink is truly extraordinary – even The New York Times thinks so! Take a look at their article on her beer cocktail, The Slow Clap. And check in with us on Saturday to see the cocktail Ivy created for us — it’s going to be your favorite this Spring! 

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Be Brave


Sometimes, the world is a scary place. There are decisions to be made, promises to be kept, work to be done, standards to achieve and it can all feel quite daunting. At the end of the day, there’s really nothing to do but be brave enough to listen to yourself. Your happiness is one of the few things you are truly responsible for. Take charge of it today, this week, this month. Pursue what you love and pursue it doggedly. And all those things that are weighing you down and standing in your way? Let them go. You are not serving anyone by being unhappy and compromising yourself. When you look forward 3 years – what will you say about this time? What would you change? What would you do differently? Do that now. 3 years is a long time to wait when you could be smiling tomorrow.

A Beautiful Weekend

 Image Via Girls Standing on Lawns by Maira Kalman

Image Via Girls Standing on Lawns by Maira Kalman

Looks like it’s going to be a sunny Spring weekend here in NYC. Perfect for blankets spread out in the park, punnets of strawberries coupled with fresh cream and lounging over a good book. Or perhaps an essay or two? This weekend, we’re sharing two of our favorite essays – the kinds we come back to over and over again.  And we’re sharing them for two reasons: Number 1: Good things should be shared. Number 2: Essays are perfect for reading aloud!

Joyas Volardores by Brian Doyle for The American Scholar.

Goodbye to All That by Joan Didion in Slouching Towards Bethlehem.

Take a moment this weekend and sit under the shade of a tree with someone you love and read to them. Share something that inspires or compels you with them. The act of reading aloud is soothing and sacred – partake in it. We promise, you’ll enjoy it. 

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman.