New Moon in Taurus + Solar Eclipse


Tuesday the 29th marks the beginning of the Taurus lunar month and it is also a solar eclipse!

With the Moon and the Sun in the grounded, sensual sign of Taurus for the month, it is time for tangible growth and earthly enjoyments. What are some doable steps that can help bring you closer to your goals? How can you bring more sensual pleasure into your life? More baths? Treating yourself to a foot rub? A delicious piece of chocolate cake? (you can see where my head is at!) 

And lastly, what are some ways that you can positively influence your immediate environment? Perhaps buying locally at your farmers market? If you see some trash on the street why not pick it up and throw it away?  It is the small right actions that will lead us all into a better world.  And Taurus, an earth sign, and the archetypal Mother Earth is very pleased with such demonstrations!

Happy New Moon!

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