Here we are already the end of summer. Is it just us, or did the time fly? Nothing happened. Everything happened. It was all over so quickly. Looking back, it feels like some strange blur; a mess of over-air-conditioned offices and eagerly anticipated beach days. Perhaps what stands out most about this summer is the sweet joy of picking up a pint of blueberries each Saturday morning at the local farmer’s market. Unlike our plans, which changed frequently, and our moods, so often at the mercy of the city’s heat waves, these tart treats crowded together in their soft, green cardboard boxes each week without fail. And, just as consistently, we devoured them in one sitting, often before we ever reached the front door.

There is something so quotidian about this. And yet, it is just as beautiful as a day traversing the streets of Rome. How is that possible?

We dedicate ourselves to newness, change, and growth time and time again, but what about the small, beautiful moments that only come from daily practice and, dare we say, monotony? Our fear tells us that the mundane is the enemy; it is a desert for our hearts and our minds. But, honestly, when are things more magnificent than when they are stripped down to their bare bones?

The bread with the butter. The salt on the tomatoes. The ice in the glass of water.

We are learning that sometimes it is most beneficial to keep things as simple as possible – elemental even. Our summer mantra did not find us until late August, but when it did it was crystal clear: less is more.

We’re excited to be back! HERE’S TO THE LAST FEW WEEKS OF SUMMER!



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