Summertime Manifesto


We believe in summer. We believe in switching off and tuning out. We believe in ‘No Screen Time’ and lots of travel. We believe in family time. And quiet time. And alone time. We believe that the best work is done when we are rested, relaxed, excited and inspired. We believe in giving it our all and never phoning it in. We believe in siestas and sunset strolls. We believe in hard work. And hard play. We believe in taking a break.

It’s time for our annual summer hiatus — we’ll be taking some time off from the blog and the newsletter until Labor Day Weekend. In case you’re looking for some reads (or haven’t had a chance to visit the blog lately) check below for some of our faves!

The Wild Unknown by Chelsey
Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately: what if the Universe isn’t planning, orchestrating, and managing our lives so we can become some beautiful, happy, fulfilled thing? What if the Universe isn’t thinking about us at all? What if it’s not about the Universe helping you close your deal, or process your grief, or take away all of your financial problems?…continued

Land Ho! by Andrea Martinez
There’s a Dear Sugar column that talks about ghost ships and how we all have our giant ship of the What If that never was. I can’t remember the initial question, or what led Sugar to bring up the ghost ship. I can’t even remember the exact words, only how I felt when I first read her column. I was working two part time jobs, six days a week and going extremely hard in my off hours…continued

You Can Have It All, But Not All At Once by Christina
During Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama, Michelle was talking about being a Mother and having large ambitions. She said: “WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL…JUST NOT ALL AT ONCE.” I am sure that it has been said before. It might have even been said directly to me…continued

Have a Beautiful BEAUTIFUL August!

Lots of LOVE,


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