A Beautiful Weekend


16 and in it to win it

Emojis for the ladies

Ina Garten is baaack. Celebrate with crisp white shirts and bare feet. 


5 reasons to be excited about the Olympics. 

Modern love.

For the record.

And this article on the youths from Dear Polly. A little quote below because this whole piece is actually so magical. 

“I also want to say to them, time after time, that there is no “better version” of you waiting in the future. The best version of you is who you are right here, right now, in this fucked-up, impatient, imperfect, sublime moment. Shut out the noise and enjoy exactly who you are and what you have, right here, right now. “

A beautiful brand.

A beautiful podcast.

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful weekend! 

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