Write It out

 Image via  People I've Loved

Image via People I’ve Loved

Lately, I’ve been having Feelings with a capital F and Emotions with a capital E. Mostly, this is due to hormones. But, there’s also some work stuff that’s been really challenging me. Let’s just say, the two are a potent mix.

I’ve been trying real hard to handle this week like an Adult, capital A. Trying being the operative word I guess. For me, trying means yoga, eating well, acknowledging that my responses to things aren’t always super rational, laying low, and being kind to myself. And writing. Writing is my answer to everything when it comes to feeling the feelings. If you’re sad, write it out. If you’re mad, write it out. If you’re lost, write it out. If you’re confused, write it out. If you’re bored (you guessed it), write it out. 

So, I’m working hard to find the time (and the energy) to write it out and today, I recommend you do the same. A lot has been happening lately (in the news, in the stars, with the seasons). Whatever you’re holding in your heart, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some Joni Mitchell, and write it out. 

And in case you feel like you’ve got a best-seller in you…Rules to write by from the lovely Caroline of Hello I’m Flawed.




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