On Empowered Birth Choices


Last year, almost to the day, we sat down with midwife, Cara Muhlhahn, to chat about women, life, midwifery, and babies (see the episode here). There was so much juicy stuff in our interview that we couldn’t include everything in the episode. But today, we’re sharing a short video that speaks directly to birth, home birth, and the cultural fear around the birthing process. To us, what Cara has to say when it comes to pregnancy and birthing is more than just wisdom for soon-to-be-mothers. It’s wisdom for women everywhere. Check out the video below…

We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the video, and if a home birth is something you would ever consider or wish you had the chance to do. If you’re interested to know more about Christina’s experience, you can read a post about it here

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