Artistic Collaboration & Beyoncé


Creativity is hard, or it can be hard. But it also is the easiest thing. Let’s just say, it’s complicated. And when I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Favin at one of Paula Mallis‘s amazing events here in Venice, we got to talking about just that. 

I loved Michelle’s art, bought a print, and couldn’t get the idea that we were meant to collaborate on something just for creativity’s sake out of my mind. 

Flash forward a few months, (Instagram kept us connected – yay technology) and I invited her over for tea. We decided to collaborate on a piece, mixing her free-form-flowing with my detail-dot-dotting, passing the work back and forth between our studios until it’s finished. Neither Michelle or I have ever done anything like this before, but we will will be documenting the whole process on the blog!

Also, the piece’s concept is completely inspired by Beyonce’s Lemonade. #beyhive

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