With Christina & her husband Chris approaching their four year wedding anniversary, and Chelsey and Michael celebrating their seventh year together, we’re sharing some details about our relationships. We don’t speak about our significant others nearly as much as we talk about our relationship with each other, our creativity, or our mothers. But the truth is, our partners are the wind beneath our wings (to coin a phrase). They are the editors for our blog, the photographers behind our Instagrams, and the sounding board for our dreams and aspiration.

…So… LOVE.



Last weekend my husband and I stayed up until 3:00am having BIG, intense feelings like we did when we were in college. The only difference is now we have a 2 year old that gets up way earlier than our first class required of us. Something we both love is that the instant Oliver wakes up he is at a 10, and couldn’t be more excited to start the day. He immediately begins to enumerate ALL of his favorite things. So it started… pointing out his feet and the wall and the window and “doggies” and “balls” and “running FAST” in his loudest voice. Pointing at me, “Mommy.” Pointing at Chris, “Daddy.” Patting himself on the chest, “Big Boy.” And we just laughed. Because the truth is everything is different. Our marriage and partnership has been completely transformed by parenthood. And we are learning, more and more, how it is basically the best thing ever.


Last month, Michael graduated from the NYU Tisch Graduate School of Acting. It was a big deal. It’s been three long years of late nights, Saturday rehearsals, homework, exhaustion, stress, and hard work. This program is not for the faint of heart. And it turns out, it’s not for people whose partners are faint of heart either. 

We’ve discovered a lot over these last three years; Michael learned valuable lessons about himself, his work, his art, and his future. And me? Well, I got to spend some time figuring out what I really wanted. This resulted in changing careers, co-founding a business, travelling on my own, and gaining some much needed independence. It was hard, uncomfortable, and even lonely. But it was time and space that I seriously needed.

Our relationship changed a lot over the last three years too. We embraced a partnership that was more complex (read: balanced lots of different needs and some seriously conflicting schedules) and more fulfilling (when said balance was achieved). We faced challenges, learned about our weaknesses and our strengths, and found new ways to communicate with each other when time was in short supply and feelings were overflowing. We are by no means masters (except for Michael who does have is a Masters of Fine Arts now ), but we are stronger, steadier partners. The hard stuff is sort of magical that way. If you let it, it will always make you stronger. For now though, we’re enjoying the easy stuff: vacation, days that end at 6pminstead of midnight, and the great pleasure of not starting school in September

Happy Monday!  


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