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And suddenly it’s Summer. Not officially. But let’s be real, it’s in the air. We pulled out the fan, I’ve started wearing my cut off shorts, and sandals are in full rotation. Since Spring wasn’t really a thing this year, the arrival of summer is a surprise and a gosh darn relief. As I did last year, I’m sharing a few summer goals/wishes/plans. Because, well, it’s 80 degrees and that’s reason enough!

Books + Sun. I really, really want to perfect the art of laying in the sun with a good book this summer. Simple, but perfect. This book is on my reading list next. 

Horseback riding. This was on last year’s list, but I didn’t manage to get it done. Second time’s a charm.

Barton Springs. We’re in Austin this week and this spot is an old favorite. I can’t wait to dive in. 

Picnics. In the park, at the beach, on my stoop. No more dining inside for me! 

Pickling. Because, we’re signed up for a CSA again and it’s a good solution for all those fresh veggies and busy weekends. Plus, picnics.

Aperol Spritz. This summer, this refreshing, Italian cocktail will be my drink of choice. 

Happy unofficial summer!


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