I also went to Sadelle's for a perfect bagel and cream cheese with lox! 

I also went to Sadelle’s for a perfect bagel and cream cheese with lox! 

Last weekend, Michael was out of town. (Now, we’re both out of town, working in LA.) But last weekend, he left NY early Saturday morning and I had the weekend to myself. Most often, when Michael’s out of town, I use it as an excuse to get in some extra special friend time. Sleepovers, girls weekends, dinner parties, spa days and such. But last weekend, everyone was busy and I ended up having most of the weekend all to myself. 

It was magnificent.

I don’t know why I love to be alone so much. Well, actually I learned a lot about why I love it when I travelled to Paris on my own last Summer. I guess what I don’t know is why I forget how much I love to be alone. I revel in a day to myself. A whole weekend is even better! On Saturday, I woke up early and headed to my favorite yoga class in Chinatown. This choice isn’t usually very ‘weekend conducive’ one since it means I don’t get home till 12 or 12:30 and I usually have someone to meet or something to do before then. But not this Saturday. I went to yoga and then, inspired by my lack of plans and the mild weather, I decided I had plenty of time to walk home. So, sans headphones or phone calls to keep me busy, I strolled the 2.9 miles home, picking up a lovely juice on the way.

I then spent the day shopping in SoHo, something I rarely let myself indulge in/can withstand. But I was on the hunt for vintage jeans and potentially a new summer jumpsuit, and I love to shop alone so I figured why the hell not? I did come away with some extra magical 501’s thanks to the girls at The Vintage Twin who make vintage denim shopping the easiest it’s ever been. At 6 o’clock my shopping stamina began to wane so I decided to take myself to dinner. I strolled to the East Village and found myself a stool at the bar of Prune, my very favorite restaurant in New York. I ordered an Aperol Spritz, the Parmesan Omelet and the Fried Artichokes, read my New Yorker and watched spring in New York City. 

Eating alone in New York is not something I do. Not eating well at least. Like every other office worker, I’m inclined to munch on a Pret a Manger lunch alone outside on a summer’s day. And occasionally (read weekly) I’ll indulge in a cake and coffee on my own with a good book. But, I have never gone out to dinner on my own. Up until last weekend, dinner in New York was reserved for friends, family, coworkers, and date nights. Turns out, I’ve been missing out on something pretty damn delightful. 

Exhausted after a long day walking around Manhattan, I decided the perfect end to my solo date would be a movie and an early night. I picked up some candies and chocolate covered raisins on the way home, rented Joy from iTunes, and was asleep by 11pm.

This is all to say, that for some of us, at least for me, being alone is a most valuable necessity. It reconnects me to myself. The upshot of this being that I am more open to others. It’s also very good for me to be ‘balance free’. To not be trying to empathize and consider others and balance their needs with my own. But to just do what I want and enjoy that. After this weekend, solo dates are becoming a monthly tradition for me. I’ll update you on the next one!





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