Spring Wishing Wanting & Doing


 Despite what the weather in New York would have you believe, spring is in full swing. The trees are blossoming, the streets are lined with a rainbow of tulips, and the pollen count is rising. While we patiently wait for Mother Nature to warm up the east coast, we decided to let ourselves take part in a little  spring dreaming. Well, LA is beautiful all the time, but Christina took to the task quite well. Here’s to picnics in the park, iced coffees, lazy brunched outside, and all of the other magical things that are headed our way (fingers crossed!).


Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pants: After seeing these on Erin’s blog, I’m obsessed with this collection. These pants are the perfect spring/summer essential. Easy, breezy, and Annie Hall approved.

Pure Body Naturals Vitamin C Serum: Because, my skin needs a little love after a long, indulgent winter.

Jude Jumpsuit: One piece wonder!

Sky Ting Yoga: A 10-Pac to the best damn class in town so I can find some spring-time zen.

Doen Market Carry All: Michael gave me this before I went to Mexico and it is the perfect summer bag. Plus, it folds into a little basket for easy packing.

Generation G in Like: To perk up my pale skin until the sun comes this way. 


This Jumpsuit that I am on the wait list for, so send me some good luck vibes!!

I’m heading to New York in a few weeks and this Exhibition is on the very top of my list. TEA? I’m in.

For the fire pit partying, wine drinking, smores making, or cuddling and drinking tea, nights of our dreams…

This Face Oil by this Amazing Lady.


Lastly, looking to get another set of These, which we are in love with, because Oliver sleeps in our bed and I have come to the conclusion that you can never have TOO many beautiful, well made, clean sheet sets in waiting. 🙂

Whats’s on your spring wish list?


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