On Sleep, Parenting and New Rhythms


Between family visiting us in LA, traveling to Boulder for Easter weekend,  and just who-the-hell-knows-what-else — new teeth? moon phases? developmental milestones? — Oliver has had no semblance of a sleep schedule at all for the past two weeks. This has meant an overtired, wound-up toddler and basically no sleep or downtime for my husband and I. This has been something just short of a nightmare for me, triggering my control issues, all sorts of self doubt about all of my parenting choices, and a deep deep frustration. None of which has been directed at Oliver. I grew up in a very lovey, albeit very yelly household, and I committed early on to never yelling at Oliver. (He’s almost 2, check back in with me when he is a teenager). But, as a result, this frustration has been directed elsewhere, mainly appliances and my Husband.

So I started googling and I stumbled across an article…  

 full article  here

full article here

This snapped me back into my parenting alignment. So last night, that’s just what we did. We read. And Chris sang (he has the most beautiful voice) and we both listened attentively as Oliver told us lots of stories about “kicking the ball” and “doggies” and Oliver was so happy; I mean he was beaming. And so were we. It was one of those perfect family moments.

I feel the lesson I keep learning is always the same; It’s about quieting down and enjoying life for what it is where it is, and not trying to direct or control it, or force it into being something it doesn’t want to be. Because, especially in this case, just being with Oliver was so much more rewarding then what we would have been doing had he just gone to sleep (watching TV?). It was life, in it’s most beautiful, in-the-moment glory. And I almost missed it. 

From now on, if we’re not sleeping, we’re playing.

To new family rhythms!

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