Girl Gift Gather’s two year anniversary inspired thank you letters!

 Picture of us taken SECONDS before launching GIRL GIFT GATHER on March 1st 2014!

Picture of us taken SECONDS before launching GIRL GIFT GATHER on March 1st 2014!

Life gives us the opportunity for reflection, for taking stock of the past, for catching our breath and grounding ourselves before taking big steps into the future. What really struck us, in celebrating this anniversary, is how the intention behind an idea can morph into a myriad of manifestations. And how the full expression of that intention can be so much bigger and more beautiful than originally imagined. 

When we finally stopped talking about Girl Gift Gather and actually launched with theIndiegogo campaign that enabled us to film all of these fantastic episodes, we had a very different idea of how Girl Gift Gather would grow. We had a lot of ideas folks. But when you are in the thick of an idea, you quickly learn that ideas get a mind of their own. We both loathe the ‘our business is your baby’ cliche but, in some instances, it’s a pretty useful metaphor. Something we have come to understand is that it is not our job as the “parents” of Girl Gift Gather to project our needs (and often times, if not checked, our egotistical demands) onto it. Our job is to care for it. To water it daily, to show it love, and to give it our attention so it can grow into what it’s meant to be, for whoever it’s meant to be for. Over the last two years, we have learned time and time again, in many different ways, how to let Girl Gift Gather be what it is. And as a result, a pretty magical thing has happened: we are constantly surprised and delighted by our own business.  We are humbled to be a part of its journey. 

With love and gratitude


Dear GGG

Thank you for being so forgiving of my vacillating level of commitment and love, and of my demands and desires, and of my anger and projections. Thank you for being relentless in your knocking on the door of my conscience. For making me show up day after day even when I didn’t feel like it. For bringing me back to the center of our intention again and again. Thank you for giving me freedom, and space, and time during this first 20 months of motherhood to really relish in motherhood. To bond with my son and rediscover myself in this new role. Thank you for Chelsey. Oh my god thank you for Chelsey. And all of the support and inspiration from the amazing women we have connected with (some that I am lucky enough to call friends!). I really don’t want to live in a world where I am not working in service of you.

Happy Anniversary,

Love Christina

Dear Girl Gift Gather,

Thank you for surprising me, challenging me, and asking me for more. Thank you for teaching me about showing up and letting go. Thank you for inspiring me to learn more, write better, and take a stance. Thank you for being a fundamental part of my journey as a feminist. Thank you for connecting me to women who have freely shared their time, wisdom, and community. Thank you for asking me to read more, become more informed, and work harder to make a change. Thank you for constantly confirming that the only limit to the magic and opportunity around me is my imagination. 

Here’s to two hundred more years of of living, learning, and growing into a bad-ass girl boss!



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