Year of the Fire Monkey


Today, we move out of the year of the sheep and into the year of the Monkey. It will also be the New Moon in Aquarius. That’s a lot of change for a Monday, but we’re actually pretty excited about it.

ANYTHING can happen during the year of the monkey. This is not a time to plan for the future in a reasonable or responsible way. Fortune favors the bold and the adventurous when it comes to the monkey.

The monkey is all about communication, humor and wit. This is a year where seemingly insurmountable problems are resolved with ease. During the year of the sheep, going against the status quo was the fastest way to see your ambitions go south. Not so when we’re in they year of the monkey. Things will be accomplished by innovation and risk-taking. Ask for that raise. Get the patent for your invention. Start a crowdsourcing campaign. Commit yourself to “a true devotion to even the wildest of schemes”. The monkey will help you succeed!

It is worth noting that the monkey is known for an undercurrent of shrewdness and trickery, so be on you a-game and try and have a little fun about it.

You can learn more about your own Chinese sign and how the monkey will affect you, here. And here & here you will find some old superstitions to help you make this year the most magical one yet!



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