Happy Hygge


This past weekend, Winter Storm Jonas swept the east coast. It was the first big blizzard of the season and it’s sure has been a special one. (Martial law anyone?) The snow was clean and white (at least for the first day or so), the sweaters were thick and cozy, and the sledding in Central Park was abundant.  

All this snow seems like the perfect excuse to introduce you to the Danish tradition of Hygge. Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) is often translated into English as ‘coziness’, but it is so much more wonderful than that. It’s derived from the Norwegian word for ‘well-being’ and it is a cultural phenomenon that centers around appreciating your surroundings, finding joy in the moment, and allowing yourself to be content.

Hygge has no agenda. It’s not about achieving, or planning, or completing. It’s all pleasure. No point. Hygge is the magic of a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, a long, delicious dinner with good friends, a quiet afternoon reading an excellent book.

Our inclination is to draw up a long, beautiful list of ways for you to experience hygge, complete with links and charming anecdotes. But honestly, that would miss the point. This is a time to go with the flow, follow your bliss, say yes (or no if that’s what feels better). Wherever this winter wonderland takes you, just remember to enjoy yourself.


P.S. Hygge isn’t just for cold, winter days. It’s an all year long kind of lovely. So, if your day looks warm and sunny, then we encourage you to find some hygge too. (Beach and rose recommended but certainly not required!)


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