In the air/On the ground


Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot: for fun, for the holidays, for family, for work. And I’ve got more travel coming my way (I returned yesterday and I’m off again on Wednesday!). In fact, February will be my first month flight-free since October. I never thought I’d say this but, oh man am I excited to spend February in New York. Since I’ve been on the move so much, I’ve been working on small, simple ways that will help me stay grounded when I’m away from home.

For my most recent trip to Wales, I packed a travel candle and a quartz crystal. I knew I’d be staying in an unfamiliar place and that these two things would help me to feel at home. I’ve never done this before but I really liked waking up to comforting sights and scents from my own room.

No matter where I go, I always pack my notebook. It’s important to have a place to release my thoughts when I’m on the move. And, it’s nice to look back and see where I’ve been. 

Christina’s been recommending this grounding tincture to me ever since she moved to LA. I’m really excited to take it on my next journey. 

Meditating whilst I’m away from home is always more difficult for me. This app reminds me to stick to my ritual, even when I’m not in my comfort zone. 

And of course, a good book. Because, for me, a good book will fix just about anything. 


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