It has been a LONG process getting here. I won’t get into details for brevitys sake, but let’s just say the past 5 weeks of traveling for us included… 6 flights, 11 beds (one of those beds was actually our sleeping pads for camping, which we did in 30 degree weather, 2 molars, hand foot & mouth disease (sounds scarier then it is) , food poisoning on a plane, the flu, and a clogged duct (ouch!). Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. Trying to be present with family and friends. Being present  with family and friends. Feeling guilty for not being present with family and friends. But we are here. In the house that I walked into almost 4 months ago and knew without a doubt that this was the place for us. It was worth the wait and the flights and the packing and unpacking on rotation.

See that beautiful tree blooming in January? That is right outside our door and it makes me feel all sorts of thankful. We are home. 

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