My Only Resoltion


There’s a lot of talk out in the world right now about resolutions. Some of it is inspiring, some of it is motivating, and some of it is quite lovely. Whether you’re the type to whip up a fresh batch of intentions on January 1st, or you prefer to re-use last years leftovers, I offer you one tiny resolution to add to your list. It’s one of those daily practices that seems insignificant and impossible all at the same time. Like, saying thank you more often. Or improving your posture. But amidst the promises to go to the gym, take your vitamins, use social media less and hang out with your family more, please add:

I resolve to be kind to myself.

This will look different for each one of you. For some, it will be the act of hitting snooze tomorrow and breaking that first resolution of 2016. For others, it’s the choice to keep to that daily gym routine. Some days, it will be as grand as stealing a few hours for yourself to enjoy your favorite little luxuries. Other days, it will be as simple as walking outside to fill your lungs with some bright, fresh air. Just remember, you resolved to be kind to yourself. Whatever you were inspired to do, please do not follow it with guilt, or shame, or self-hate. Instead, try to take a moment to recognize that you are a human being. You are full of flaws and beauty. You will not be perfect. But you will still be loved. 

Happy 2016,


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