A Beautiful weekend

 Image via  3191 Miles Apart

Image via 3191 Miles Apart

We know this time of year is all Holiday parties, Hanukkah celebrations, Christmas shopping, and travel planning. But, we hope you’ll take a break from the craziness with us this weekend. Just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning light and a few delightful reads.

Hillary Clinton won a grammy?

Tina and Amy talking Bechdel testing, competition, and comedy.

One for the moms

Julie Holland on medicating women and their feelings — a super interesting read that questions why women feel so much shame about having so many feelings. One of our favorite quotes below:

 “If the serotonin levels of women are constantly, artificially high, they are at risk of losing their emotional sensitivity with its natural fluctuations, and modeling a more masculine, static hormonal balance. This emotional blunting encourages women to take on behaviors that are typically approved by men: appearing to be invulnerable, for instance, a stance that might help women move up in male-dominated businesses.”

A beautiful book.

A beautiful company.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend! 

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