What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Rome? It was just pure magic. Myself, Michael and our two good friends had just two days in the city and we walked the shoes right off our feet. A few suggestions in case you find yourself in Italy’s capital any time in the near future.

 A walking tour. We started our trip this way and it was a great choice. It meant we got a whistle-stop tour of most of the monuments (so we knew what we wanted to go back to later) and some incredible facts about the city and it’s history. I’ve also found that a walking tour at the beginning of a trip is an easy way to get familiar with the layout of a city. Plus, it’s free!

Cacio e Pepe. Because, when in Rome… This great spot is walking distance from the center of the city (so many places I found were a good 20 minute cab ride) and we were pretty much surrounded by locals when we were eating there. And yes, it was delicious! (Rome is a reservations city, call ahead).

The Pantheon. It’s in incredible condition, it’s a crazy amalgamation of Greek, Roman and Christian art and architecture, it’s stunning, it’s free, and a lot of people can go in at the same time so there are rarely lines. It was breathtaking. 

Monti. Is a hip, cool area of the city where many a young twenty-something can be found. We stayed in this area and it was great. Not too touristy and walking distance to everything. Plus, there are some great spots to eat and drink (La Casetta is a gorgeous little cafe covered in vines, Fatamorgana has some damn fine gelato, Mikiway is a concept store filled with stylish clothes, cool decor and charmng knick knacks). 

The Forum, The Coliseum, Piazza Navona, The Spanish Steps…there’s just too much and it’s all so good! I highly recommend downloading historical podcasts for when you’re strolling through the monuments. It’s a cool way to put your whole experience in context.

There’s about one million things I didn’t get to see that I wish I had seen, but that’s for another trip… 







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