Girls, Gifts and Good Vibes


In our time building Girl Gift Gather, we’ve been blessed to work with women who make, sell, create, and design incredibly beautifully products. And since the season for gift guides is officially upon us, we figured there was no better place to source our favorite giftable goods than our very own community. This way, not only can you purchase a gift that we believe is beautiful, special, and well made, but you can meet the powerhouse ladies behind the brand. 

So, here it is. The 2015 Girl Gift Gather Gift Guide, made exclusively of women we’ve worked with. (Can we just say how freakin’ cool that is?!!). 

These shoes, by this GIRL!

Our favorite face serum by this botanical maven.

We have been looking forward to this beauty of a book being released for over a year.
Erin’s wisdom, style, and wit would be a welcome addition to any stocking in any home.

This beautiful candle set by this beautiful girl.

(finally a way to have Katie‘s fabulousness in your life while renting an apartment) 

This Jam by this rad lady

This apron from this chef/entrepreneur

A truly beautiful gift, custom built by this master perfumer.

Dr JJ for the WIN

Here’s to buying beautiful things made by beautiful people!


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