Sometimes I need

only to stand

wherever I am

to be blessed.

-Mary Oliver


Being home, in your childhood room, with your husband, son and parents for an extended family visit is really hard. For example, the other day, fed up with the millionth friendly suggestion from my mother about the proper way to raise Oliver, I screamed (like really guys, I screamed) “You did not approach parenting in a conscious way! Why would I listen to you!?” This is a hilarious and obnoxious thing to scream when you think about it- and it did not go over well. Needless to say, there has been a lot of these moments over the past week.  

Ugh. But then I look at my dad reading to Oliver, and the way Oliver runs to my mom to pick him up, and the joy that radiates from all of these magical blessed moments.

So, it just is what it is. And in those intense moments of adolescent anger that come bursting out of me, I will try to remember the larger truth. And that Mary Oliver quote. Has anyone else noticed that she is always right?

Sending peaceful holiday vibes your way!  


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