Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving


It’s been exactly sixty-five days since Christina got on a plane and moved out West. Mostly, we’ve been great. Mostly, it’s been phone calls and Google Hangouts and emails back and forth. But about two weeks ago, we hit a wall and a video feed courtesy of Google simply wasn’t cutting it.

It is hard to be creative in front of a distracting computer screen. It is annoying to have our meetings squeezed into time-difference permitting slots. And most importantly, it is nowhere near as fun to get work done when you’re in a coffee shop alone wishing your friend and business partner was leaning over your shoulder with a cup of tea and a few useful ideas.

But the wait is over! Today is the first official, one-on-one, live, and in-person GGG meeting in many months and hot damn are we excited about it. 

Funnily enough, this coming week will be a big one for live and in-person meetings with the people we love. Thanksgiving is upon us (how did that happen?) and from here on in, it’s all jingle bells and family gatherings.

After recent events, we’re approaching the season with more gratitude than ever before. This time of year is rife with opportunities to get stressed out and overwhelmed: travel anxiety, Black Fridaysales, political bickering at the dinner table. But this year, we’re doing our best to remember how simple it all is; we are all incredibly lucky to be safe in our homes with our family and friends. Nothing else really matters. We’ve all been given the miracle, it’s our responsibility to recognize it and enjoy it.

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving!



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