A California Christmas


Last year was Oliver’s first Christmas and we did nothing to announce this huge milestone to friends and family. Actually that’s not fair, we did something… we sent out an email blast saying, “Happy Holidays AND thank you for all the generous gifts you gave us for the baby shower last May that we did not write thank you notes for!” 

Probably not the classiest move, or the most we-are-proud-new-parents-now-look-at-our-beautiful-baby move, but we hoped that our nearest and dearest would understand that we were knee-deep in diapers and spit-up, and were living in a day-to-day way.

Things like “It’s the thought that counts”, “Better late then never”, and “Better something than nothing” were circulating in the air as we pressed send on our Mailchimp blast. 

Fast forward to this year. So much has changed. For one, there are way less diapers and practically no spit up; Chris and I are *starting* to feel like we’re actually getting a hang of this parenting thing. We also moved across the country, away from our friends and family, and realized that we maybe took for granted the inevitable connection that comes from living a stone’s throw away from your loved ones. Now more then ever we recognize the importance and deep value of these relationships and joyful effort required to maintain them across distances . 

What I am trying to say is, for a multitude of reasons, an apologetic, this-will-do email blast was not going to cut it this year. That’s why I was super excited when Shutterfly wanted to collaborate with Girl Gift Gather for a holiday card post. 

For our FIRST FAMILY holiday card we knew a few things we wanted to keep in mind: we wanted to make everyone smile; we wanted to show off our gorgeous son; and we wanted to rub it in everyone’s face (just a little!) that we now live in California where it is always sunny and beautiful, even while counting down the final days of the year. I think we nailed it.

I especially love the way the gold foil lettering came out & the super cool styling of the self-inking return address stamp. Check out those custom stamps I pulled from my Everyday Magic art series! So tropical! And they say “Hello!”. Perfect!

The whole process was a lot of fun. And it feels wonderful knowing that our friends and family will have this tangible, tactile, little piece of love from our family during the Holiday Season.

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