You’ve Been Gilmored


Sometimes, you just know that all is right with the universe. Sometimes, gifts come to us that are just so big that you feel like, wow, humanity is loved in a really deep and profound way. 

You guys, Gilmore Girls. Or as my husband and I affectionately refer to it in our home: GG. Let me tell you a story…

Last November, I was lamenting to my dear friend and Girl Gift Gather partner for life, Chelsey, that I didn’t know what I would do now that Parenthood was over. The last season, in my humble opinion was complete shit, but I will leave that for another post. Still we loved the series and when it ended it left a gap in our family’s corny TV watching routine. Now, this was as we were entering another NYC winter, and we had our little OJ who was only 5 months old. Our nights consisted of lots of nursing and eating takeout and/or scrambled eggs.

That’s when it happened. Chelsey said, “you know, you would really like Gilmore Girls.” I scoffed. I remembered it from my youth. I maybe watched an episode back then. When I was 13, I was a little judgmental bitch and I thought there was nothing lamer them wanting to hang out with your mother. So…

But, I was desperate. One night we said, why not, and our lives have been forever changed. You might think I wouldn’t be proud to say what I am about to say…but you are wrong, I AM proud. We watched the whole f-ing series in 6 months. Thats right. We did the math – entire DAYS of Gilmore Girls consumed. And what is so life affirming is that we weren’t the only ones. Netflix knows this and is saying you are welcome to the world and bringing it back for four more 90 minute episodes. I. Can. Not. 

I am so happy. I actually slapped my husband when he told me.


4 thoughts on “You’ve Been Gilmored

  1. DITTTOOO!!! I watched G.G twice, once in college when I was depressed one summer (totally helped) and again earlier this year. It definitely took me less than 6 months haha. And now I’m on Parenthood..Season 4…and do not even tell me it ends badly! Although, most series do in my opinion lol..

    1. Listen, Parenthood is an amazing show. Don’t let my comment deter you! I think every episode make me cry in that good, I know I am being manipulated by really well executed sentimentality but I don’t even care type of way. Just the best. Enjoy. It gets way better! xoxo

  2. Omg!!! I am so excited. GG is my all time favourite show. I’ve watched the entire series front to back at least 4 times and actually own the DVD collection box set. Netflix really is a god send.

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