Lesson I’m Always Learning: KT Smail


To slow down! In work, relationships, life in general. It’s so hard to learn but the universe keeps throwing it at me; broken technology, running injuries and ruined artworks, all from trying to do too much too quickly without stopping to think. It has taken me years to learn that my paintings are better when I walk away and come back with new eyes, instead of pushing through any frustration I might feel. That taking time to slow down and reflect is not a sign of weakness.

I am getting better at taking days off — being your own boss can make it so hard to allow yourself time to stop and rest. But, I have learned that my work is much better when I listen to my intuition and take a break if my body or mind needs it. I spent many years working weekends, trying to prove myself and waiting for someone else to give me permission to rest. You have to give yourself permission! Now my weekends are sacred and I feel healthier, happier and more excited about my work because of it. Having said that, I worked too much this week and now I have a cold so I guess i’m still learning….”

KT Smail is a Scottish illustrator, designer and exhibiting artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her art work can be purchased at One Kings Lane and her clients include Macy’s, Five Leaves Brooklyn, Papier Mache, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, and many more. 


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