Planned Parenthood



Today, we’re sharing a few things to read, see and watch concerning the Planned Parenthood debacle because the best way we can move forward is to be informed. Read, share and do everything you can to help the cause. This organization does invaluable and incredible work for women of all faiths, economic backgrounds and walks of life. It is very important that they are allowed to continue offering women affordable, judgement-free healthcare and support. 

Yahoo Health fact-checked the house hearing to help us know what’s up. 

NPR shares 6 clips of audio worth listening to from the hearing. 

Refinery29 breaks down a few details about what Planned Parenthood is, who’s in charge and how much money they actually receive

You can learn more about the poll released this week showing that 60% of Americans are for the government support of Planned Parenthood.

If you feel strongly about this cause be sure to share your support on social media with #IStandWithPP. You can also sign the petition, write to your congressman and donate!


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