Lesson I’m Always Learning: Amy Woodside OF OKREAL


A lesson that you’re always learning really means the mistake you’re always making, right? For me:

1. Patience. When you have a big vision and limited resources, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. One day at a time is a great mantra for control freaks like me. 

2. The reality of sacrifice. I have this persistent and ridiculous idea that I can pour all of myself into every area of my life at once and not burn out. Realizing that if I’m devoting all of my energy and time into work, then my social life is probably going to suck. And being OK with that.  

3. Driving things without forcing them. A constant push and pull between making something happen and letting it happen. You need a blend of both approaches. 

Amy Woodside is the founder of OKREAL, an incredible website built as a resource for a modern community of women who are striving to create their own path. She’s also the co-owner of Happy Bones, our fave place to caffeinate in NYC. 

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