we did it!


#tbt from last week. All packed up and ready to leave our apartment, we had to take one last pic! 

Four years- engaged, married, pregnant, birth and first year of Oliver’s life in that place. So thankful for the way those walls so deeply supported us through a whole lot of growing up. 

Our old apartment at it’s very cleanest!

Oliver basically learned to walk in these halls.

Move in date four years ago! We were so so excited!

And now we are in the process of finding the perfect home for our little family here in California. A home that will nurture, support and inspire us during this next chapter of our lives! We think we may have found that place! We are checking it out today so fingers crossed and send us some good vibes. But for right now I am feeling grateful for where we have been and so so so excited for where we are now!



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