Aaaaand we’re back! It’s been a beautiful, magical, whirlwind of a Summer and now, with Fall in the air and Labor Day Weekend behind us, we’re looking forward to getting back to business. But, before business can begin, we have some big news to share with you.

This month, Christina, Chris and baby Oliver will be moving to Los Angeles. This is an incredibly exciting (and nerve-wracking!) time. It’s about leaps of faith, saying yes, and being open to change. It’s sure to be a beautiful adventure and you’ll most definitely hear about it on the blog and in the newsletter. Girl Gift Gather will continue to run as normal. Christina will be in Brooklyn a couple of times a year to visit family and friends, film episodes, and host events. Chelsey will venture to California to escape the New York winters, eat at Gjelina and meet all the cool LA ladies Christina has discovered. Whilst we’re apart, the two of us will enjoy the perks of being business partners in the age of Skype, FaceTime and GChat.

To be honest with you, we’re really excited about this new development. Not only will it mean a little more sunshine in our Instagram feed, but we’ll also be able to connect with and share a whole new community of West Coast women who inspire and influence us.

Over the Summer, we had some incredibly fruitful conversations about what it means to to be at the helm of Girl Gift Gather — especially with these big changes headed our way. As new business owners we’re constantly learning, and the more we learn (both in our personal lives and in our business lives), the more Girl Gift Gather grows.

Something we’ve been working on a lot this past year is the idea of quality over quantity. From now on, we’ll be coming to you every other week. This decision is inspired by our desire to deliver you a newsletter that you treasure receiving. If you’re anything like us, your inbox is bombarded with special offers and emails and notifications daily. We’d like our newsletter to be something different. Something you look forward to getting — like a postcard from a dear friend. With work and babies and life to balance, we feel that a little extra time will allow us to craft a newsletter that brings you more meaningful conversations, inspiring stories and honest experiences. As always, we’re open to your feedback. If you miss receiving us weekly, tell us! We are always, always grateful to hear from you.

Be sure to check in with the blog this week! We’re back with stories from Chelsey’s European travels, a new #LessonImAlwaysLearning and tales from Christina’s move West! 

Happy Monday!


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