New Moon + Eclipse in Virgo


I have a few go-to’s to get my astrology nerd information. Susan Miller & Astro Twins are two favorites, but for more intense insights I always turn to Mystic Mama! About the very powerful astrological configuration happening RIGHT NOW ( 9/13 ) she posted:

“The Universe has conspired to bring us a pure Eclipse/New Moon energy …opportunities for sudden and complete revelation of our deepest wounds and pain with the capacity to move through them fully, see them for what they are, heal them, and move further down the path of our evolutionary journey is possible now!  (there is a whole lot more to read here!)

For me, this was a well-timed Mystic Mama read. I am moving in less then a week across the country, away from my family and friends. I have lived in New York my entire life, and there was a time when I suffered from such bad anxiety and panic attacks that I truly believed I would never be able to travel, let alone move outside of my small comfort zone. With every major transition in my life, that panic has come up again. Old painful fears and worries about myself and my ability to handle life, have confronted me. And now, with this move coming up so fast, they are popping in to say “Whats up?” once again. But honestly, I am not the same scared 19 year-old that I was; and I have to remind myself of that. And if I can harness the power of this beautiful astrological moment to do so, all the better.

So my intention for this month, in addition to eating more consciously ( more on that another day), is to let go of my self-doubt and the patterns of fear and panic attacks that go with it. I am ready to fully embrace who I am now, releasing my past with gratitude and love. I am not that little girl anymore, I am a Women, a Wife, a Mother, an Artist that knows a thing or maybe even two things about this mysterious world. I am strong and I am ready! 

May it be so!

I would love love love for everyone to take some time to think about what patterns you are ready to let go of tonight! Maybe even light a candle to celebrate the choice. 

Lots of LOVE


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