Motherhood Moment | 2


 Excerpted from an interview I did with Beyond Mom. Click here to read the whole thing!

One thing I always do is hand it over to universe. In hard moments I ask, is there a better way for me to be doing this? If so show me the way. And the beautiful thing is I always receive some form of intuition or guidance. It might not happen right away. I usually have to calm down a bit before I can really hear it. It can be easy to get caught in the murky, anxiety-ridden waters of new parenthood. I know I have had plenty of moments. Especially in those first few months. So much doubt comes up. But by turning it over to a higher power or love or the universe, whatever you want to call it, helps me know that I am being guided along this parenting journey, and that I am capable of the job and that my husband and I are not alone in the responsibility.


The Open Road


Tomorrow, I will be on a plane from NYC to Austin. I’m leaving for a long weekend to spend five days driving a friend’s 26 foot UHaul halfway across the country with Michael. Some people think this is a truly insane way to spend my time. But, I cannot wait. Michael and I drove across the country a couple of years back and it was an exhausting and exhilarating experience. We also road-tripped from Portland to LA one Summer, stopping in the Redwoods to camp and stare in awe at the mind blowing beauty. Driving in a car together is sort of a favorite past time for us. We listen to whole albums. I read him long-form articles from the The New York Times and New York Magazine. We play books on tape and podcasts. We visit strange and beautiful parts of the US. And we talk. We talk about anything and everything and we have nothing but time and the open road ahead of us. 

This time around, I’m joining Michael halfway through the journey (he left from DC on Monday). Together, the two of us will start in Austin, TX and make our way to Los Angeles, Ca. But first, we’ll visit my dad and swim in Lake Travis, sleep in a Safari Tent in Marfa, TX, stay with family friends in Phoeniz, AZ and eat In N Out on the West Coast. Here’s to the open road!


Girl Gift…Go!


This week, we’re trying something a little different: a short video series that we’re calling Girl Gift Go (shout out to Christina’s husband, Chris, for his ingenious name suggestion!). Click the picture above to watch! 

The drive behind Girl Gift Go is our love of making videos and sharing them with our community. As you all know, those beautIful GIRL, GIFT and GATHER episodes require a crew, equipment, and our wonderful filmmaker/editor, Maya. But these off the cuff videos are shot on our iPhone and edited by the two of us. You’ll notice little Oliver trotting in and out of the shot and that the make-up and hair is at its most minimal. This is us being honest, raw and real with you guys and sometimes that means sound effects added by (very cute) babies and filming session on Christina’s couch. But that’s the whole point of Girl Gift Go! It’s impromptu and a little bit rough and tumble.

It’s about catching the moments that are inspiring and exciting to us (whether that’s a quick Q&A with a woman we love, a behind the scenes look at our meetings, or just a friendly chat over a cup of tea) and sharing them with you. We started this series by asking ourselves a question that we ask all of the women we interview: ‘what is your most grounding act or ritual?’. This question seemed like a great place to start, especially since we’ve both been travelling,working and getting out of our comfort zones so much lately! We hope you enjoy the video and we can’t wait to share a few more with you. And don’t worry, this series is in addition to and not in replacement of our GIRL, GIFT and GATHER episodes (we’ve got some of those in the works for you too).



A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  The Londoner

Image via The Londoner

Paula Schneider comes in to save the day at American Apparel. #GirlBoss all the way on this one. 

A first look at the female Ghostbusters

Colorado is changing the game when it comes to contraception — and they’re having a lot of success. 

Yay for the Canyon of Heroines! (The first ticker tape parade for women in history). And a serious look at the presence of sexism in the FIFA World Cup.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Lesson I’m Always Learning | Nikki and Erica of Yes Way Rosé


Nikki + Erica

Since starting Yes Way Rosé we have learned countless lessons, but the one we both continue to learn is that anything is possible so it’s best to dream big.  As best friends we have been able to experience the magic that’s happened with our business together and both serve as witnesses of what can be accomplished when you don’t set limits and maintain a positive approach. Three years ago we could of never imagined that our involvement in wine would have gone from casually drinking it over dinners to having a bottle of our own. Of course there‘s a lot of hard work that goes into it, and there are going to be naysayers and unexpected obstacles along the way (nothing is perfect…another lesson!), but it’s all part of this beautiful experience. The only way to know what’s possible is by going for it, so believe in yourself and be open to where your creative mind can take you.

Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal are the founders of Yes Way Rosé, everyone’s favorite wine lovin’ brand. They make totes, tee’s and now, their very own rosé, Summer Water

Summer Selections


This week, we’re sharing our Summer Selections — our favorite things to eat, drink, read, see, wear, and do while the weather is warm and the days are long.


The Vacationers – I picked up this book on Wednesday in preparation for laying poolside. It’s a perfect read for vacation — light, well written and a little juicy. (Plus, if you’re traveling with your extended family this Summer, you’ll really appreciate it!).

Train Wreck – When it’s 100 degrees in NYC, my favorite place to cool down and chill out is the movie theater and since Amy Schumer has been killin’ itall Summer, I know this will be good.

This Bikini — Because high-waisted is my new favorite. Plus, it’s pretty patriotic if you ask me.

The Perfect Summer Jeans – Bought them in June (Christina and I both have a pair and this happens all the time) and have been wearing them all Summer long.

Noodle Salad with Chicken and Chile-Scallion Oil — Michael and I’s favorite thing to cook for dinner on a humid city evening.

Coconut Balm Dot Com — Smells like the beach. Feels like heaven.


Ace & Jig everything (but particularly this blanket). I have become pretty obsessed with this amazing textile company of late. And I am fantasizing on the regular about this blanket being a part of our family’s summertime adventures for years to come.

Hey Natalie Jean– I had the joy of chatting with Natalie of the blog Hey Natalie Jean last Sunday at Local Creative’s #localloft. We spoke about extended breastfeeding, sleep schedules, having babies in Brooklyn, fertility… amongst other things that takes a special kind of openness to delve into during the course of a 10-minute conversation. I bought her book and when I went home basically finished the whole thing that night. All the while thanking my lucky stars that I found such a beautiful person and book at the most perfect time.

Bellocq | White Nixon: Can I ever have a recommendations section without shouting out to Bellocq and their delicious teas? I think not. The White Nixon blend is my new favorite summer time tea. Hot or cold, the blend of organic white tea, organic lavender, organic flower petals, and natural essence is just magic! 

Here’s to many many many more weeks of Summer!



A Beautiful Weekend

 Image via  Art Botz

Image via Art Botz

Congratulations Misty Copeland

An interview with Katie Nolan, sports feminist and TV’s cool girl. 

Into The Gloss makes a case for morning routines — and we’re feeling pretty inspired by it. 

The Women’s World Cup finale is tonight and the USA are finalists. Tune in and support the ladies!

The New York Times looks back at the incredible achievements of Donna Karen after she stepped down as head of her company. 

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book (from a truly beautiful GIRL we know)

A beautiful woman.

Have a beautiful long weekend! 

Motherhood moment | 1


What I want more than a consistent babysitter that I love and trust is a bunch of other moms. I want a whole shit-ton of women with babies, bitching and delighting in this epic choice we made. I want gold stars and confetti and glasses of rose. So I’m think of starting a mom group? Or looking to find one? I’ll keep you posted.