Treat yourself


Are you a responsible person? Do you pay your rent on time each month? Have a somewhat decent credit score? Are you a user? Well then, this email is for you. Today, we’re doling out some controversial advice:

Buy the thing.

You know the thing. The outfit you have been coveting but that’s just out of your price range. The piece of art you’ve been dreaming of hanging on your wall. That apartment that’s  two-hundred dollars over budget but has the view of the trees, and is on just the right block, and let’s not even talk about those floors. Fucking buy it. Because the small amount that you will save by not buying it, is not worth the quality or joy you will get from actually buying it. We are not advocating for irresponsibly spending beyond your means, but we are advocating for treasuring yourself enough to invest in your joy. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then chances are, you’re not impulse buyer. You take your time, you look and look and look again before you finally, cautiously, pull out you credit card. We know because, we are those people. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes, you need to just let yourself have the thing. For Chelsey, this means finally biting the bullet and buying this outfit from Reformation. For Christina it’s these shoes. By Marais USA.  For you, it could mean opting for the more expensive bottle of wine at dinner. Whatever form this takes, don’t be stingy with yourself. Treat yourself as you would a beloved friend. Because, in the wise words of that iconic early female copywriter, Ilon Specht, you’re worth it! 

Happy Monday!



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